2008 at the Ballot Box: Continuing the Trend

The results of November’s Presidential election may have represented a change of direction for our country, but at least one trend at the ballot box remained unchanged from the past few elections: Taxpayers across the country again approved a bevy of ballot measures to conserve land, protect farmland, promote smart growth; and expand public transportation, … Continued

Realizing the Potential: One Year Later: Housing Opportunities for Transit in a Changing Market Place

The Center for Transit-Oriented Development, “has updated its Realizing the Potential: Expanding Housing Opportunities Near Transit study for the FTA and HUD, which assessed strategies to promote mixed-income housing along five transit corridors in Boston, Charlotte, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Denver and Portland. The new study, Realizing the Potential: One Year Later, finds the downturn in the housing market is playing out very differently in the five regions, and that it hasn’t increased home ownership opportunities for working families.”