SGA Monthly Coalition Call, July 30, 2009

3:30PM EST

Jeri Mintzer ([email protected]), Lindsey Gael ([email protected]), Elisa Ortiz ([email protected])
Kate Rube ([email protected]), Will Schroeer ([email protected]) – Smart Growth America, DC
Kristin Purdy ([email protected]) – Transportation for America
Kathleen Spencer ([email protected]) – Center for Planning Excellence, LA
Rachel Winer ([email protected]) – Idaho Smart Growth
Jim Gray ([email protected]) – NCB Capital Impact
Jane Kirchner ([email protected]) – America Farmland Trust, DC
Gloria Katz ([email protected]) – Smart Growth Partnership, Southeast Florida
Lee Epstein ([email protected]) – Chesapeake Bay Foundation
April Putney ([email protected]) and Sara Nikolic ([email protected]) – Futurewise, WA
John Maximuk ([email protected]) – Livable Communities Coalition, GA
Scott Wolf (swo[email protected]) – Grow Smart Rhode Island
Carey Knecht ([email protected]) – Greenbelt Alliance, CA
Gene Krebs ([email protected]) – Greater Ohio


Small blue-collar Maryland hamlet innovates with stimulus help

The town of Edmonston in Prince George’s County, Maryland, just outside of Washington, D.C., is a small hamlet of under 2000 residents, most of them blue-collar workers. Like many other cities in America, times are tough in Edmonston, which has high rates of unemployment and foreclosure. What makes life particularly hard for Edmonston is that it is bisected by the Anacostia River. Due to poor environmental practices, the Anacostia periodically floods the town, wreaking devastation on a place already struggling to get by.


Road safety matters; spend the money right

The report featured in last Thursday’s Washington Post (“Highway Conditions Contribute to Over Half of Fatal Auto Crashes”) got it half right: highway design does affect safety. But the argument that road and bridge widening is a cure for fatalities is wrong. That recommendation could have been written in 1959, and has been refuted on the ground in projects around the country.

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