Stephen Skilton

Stephen Skilton is an Economic Analyst for Smart Growth America’s Economic Development team. In his current role, Stephen conducts technical and quantitative analyses regarding a wide variety of issues associated with the built environment and transportation, including economics, real estate, social equity, and the environment. Stephen has a strong interest in the application of open data and software toward empowering communities to advocate for improving public policy, community investment, and informed decision making.

Prior to Stephen’s career in City and Regional Planning, he worked as a Provisioning Analyst for Boeing, where he developed and managed datasets and relational databases used in modeling forecasts to support aircraft fleet supply chain operations. Since 2014, Stephen has worked across a spectrum of organizations related to City and Regional Planning such as Community Development, Transportation Planning, Geospatial Analysis, and Historic Preservation. Stephen holds a Masters in City and Regional Planning from the University of Pennsylvania and a Masters of Business Administration from Saint Joseph’s University. When Stephen isn’t working, he can often be found biking around the city to a Meetup event, basement show, or some sort of artist activity.

Stephen can be reached at sskilton [at] smartgrowthamerica [dot] org.