Complete Streets in Delaware!

At the first Delaware Bike Summit last Friday, March 24, Governor Jack Markell signed a Complete Streets Executive Order. The Delaware DOT now will be required, whenever possible, to incorporate all transportation modes into road design and maintenance. “We can agree, certainly, that bicycles are inexpensive and environmentally friendly, but there’s also no escaping the … Continued

Complete Streets

Secretary of Transportation LaHood Says the Magic Words

In his official Earth Day blog post, Secretary Ray LaHood focuses on bicycling and talks about the opportunity to use ‘highway’ funds for creating complete streets! He continues, “the upcoming reauthorization of DOT’s surface transportation programs provides an opportunity for us to feature bicycling as part of a new American mobility within livable communities.” Be … Continued

Complete Streets

We can put thousands back to work quickly and responsibly with smart transportation spending

Investing first in repair and maintenance can prevent another disaster like Minnesota’s I-35W bridge collapse. Tell your Governor to invest in the future with smart, proven, ready-to-go transportation spending. Creative Commons Flickr photo by Poppyseed Bandits. Earlier this week, we highlighted a new Smart Growth America report that details 20 proven and ready-to-go ways for … Continued

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New report identifies proven and ready-to-go ways to create more jobs quickly & responsibly

Click to learn more about the report Governors and state departments of transportation around the country are burning the midnight oil to prepare lists of transportation projects that could be funded under President Obama’s economic stimulus package, The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. As they develop these lists of transportation projects to be funded under … Continued


The Mixed-Income Housing TOD Action Guide

This study by Reconnecting America‘s Center for TOD explores how, “as TOD planning processes proliferate there is a broader understanding that mixed-income housing supports many TOD goals including stable transit ridership, better public health, broadened access to opportunities, and deeper affordability. This Mixed-Income TOD Action Guide was developed for the nonprofit Great Communities Collaborative (GCC), which is working in the San Francisco Bay Area to ensure TOD planning processes result in neighborhoods that include households of all income levels. The guide walks users through a three-step analysis to determine the most effective strategies and tools.”