Complete streets principles in action

Crossing a major arterial can be difficult, if not downright unsafe. That’s why we are so happy to see the completion of some smart pedestrian safety improvements just outside SGA headquarters in Washington D.C. The improvements include a pedestrian-friendly island halfway between the six-lane street, along with a median with beautiful flowers.

This strip of Connecticut Avenue in downtown D.C. is a busy area with many offices, and during the day the sidewalks are crowded with pedestrians. It’s a notable improvement especially when you consider what crossing the road was like before the improvements (via Google Maps):

Traffic medians and safer crossing opportunities are both among the principles of Complete Streets. (Did I also see a glimmer of a yet-to-be-labeled bike lane? – Ed.) Complete streets allow everyone on a street – pedestrians, transit riders, bicyclists and drivers – to use the street safely and efficiently, and it’s great to see these principles taking shape in our own neighborhood!

Do you know of any smart growth projects in your area? Share them with us in the comments and let us know how they are improving your community.

Complete Streets