Geoff Anderson, SGA CEO, talks transportation equity on Destination Casa Blanca

[left to right]: Joshua Schank from the Bipartisan Policy Center, Geoff Anderson from Smart Growth America, and Deron Lovaas from the Natural Resources Defense Council discuss transportation policy with Ray Suarez on Destination Casa Blanca on July 29. Screenshot from HITN.

Transportation investment decisions have had many inequitable impacts on low-income and minority communities in the U.S.

How can transportation policy move us toward a system that rights these wrongs and meets the mobility needs of underserved populations?

“We have to do a better job of looking at the different impacts of our project decisions,” explained Geoff Anderson, President and CEO of Smart Growth America, on the latest episode of HITN’s Destination Casa Blanca.

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“Really, if you aren’t driving a car, we’re not building a transportation system for you,” he continued, arguing that we must move away from that status quo and “enable everyone to participate in the community and to participate in the economy in a meaningful way.”

Joined by Joshua Schank from the Bipartisan Policy Center and Deron Lovaas from NRDC, Geoff discussed these transportation equity challenges with host Ray Suarez — and why he’s optimistic that we are moving toward solutions.

For example, scores of Complete Streets policies have passed around the country, which means that more and more streets will be designed to meet the needs of those who do not have access to a car. In addition, the range of people who recognize they have a stake in an improved transportation system continues to expand. “Frankly,” Geoff said, “transportation is too important to leave to transportation people…it affects us all on a daily basis.”

This broad-based commitment to reform is what will move us toward a future in which no one, regardless of background or income, has to encounter dangerous or impassable situations (like this one outside of Atlanta) just to get work or school.

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