Dec. 15: Commonwealth Communities

This fall, we invite you to join Smart Growth AmericaLOCUS: Responsible Real Estate Developers and Investors, and over a dozen smart growth experts from across the country for Commonwealth Communities: Smart Growth Strategies for our Emergent Future.

COVID-19 has dramatically altered our communities and our sense of place. Before Massachusetts began to reopen, we spent months hunkered down in our homes, rarely seeing family, friends, and colleagues face-to-face, and interacting with our buildings and streets in very different ways. Over the past 18 months, Massachusetts communities faced unprecedented hardships, but met them with resilience, innovation, sacrifice, and strength.  

Yet, there are still challenges to face. How can communities in Massachusetts incorporate what the pandemic taught us about our streets, buildings, and places? What about the inequities highlighted by the pandemic? How can they use smart growth principles to ensure that the return to normalcy also brings health, prosperity, and resilience to everyone in our communities over the long term?

Commonwealth Communities is a four-part, virtual series of technical assistance sessions exclusively designed for Massachusetts’ elected officials and municipal staff interested in learning more about and engaging on topics related to walkability, small businesses, transit and TOD, and equity in budgeting and municipal practice.

We invite you to learn more about the five sessions here and then register below.