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Thank you for your interest in joining the Smart Growth America coalition. Our coalition member organizations work together to build community, improve economies and make neighborhoods great.

    Membership dues are charged on a sliding scale, based on your organization’s budget. If smart growth is not the main focus of your organization, dues will be based on the budget for your organization’s smart growth program.
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    We ask that all coalition member organizations endorse Smart Growth America's mission by agreeing to the following member compact. Smart Growth America is a coalition of national, state and local partners working to cultivate the vibrant towns, cities and neighborhoods we call home. We believe that the American people deserve healthy cities, towns and suburbs; homes that are both affordable and close to jobs and activities; fewer hours in traffic and more opportunities to enjoy recreation and natural areas; air and water of the highest quality; and a landscape our children can be proud to inherit. We believe that every citizen deserves a much greater say, and better options, in choosing their community’s future. To that end, our members work with citizens across the country to preserve our built and natural heritage, promote fairness for people of all backgrounds, fight for high-quality neighborhoods, expand choices in housing and transportation and improve poorly conceived development projects. In joining this coalition, the undersigned organization agrees to the membership expectations outlined here: (1) Endorse Smart Growth America’s mission; (2) Help set and act on Smart Growth America’s coalition campaign priorities; (3) Provide a link to Smart Growth America on our website; (4) Allow Smart Growth America to link to your website; (5) Attend annual meetings and regular coalition calls; (6) Pay annual membership dues; and (7) Membership is contingent upon payment of annual dues. Smart Growth America reserves the right to deny membership to any organization for any reason.