SGA News Clips, 4/12/11

Urbanism Chasing Utopia
The Huffington Post, 4/11/11
“There is little doubt that a cadre of government, activists, academics and popular media are moving forward with fine-tuning today’s effort to reinvent cities in new contexts, with specific lists of attributes and goals. Among the inevitable focal points of any prescription: walkable, mixed-use communities with live-work proximity, green and sustainable features. But the age-old dance of human and machine provides considerable fodder and fascination from history, including the risks of indiscriminate cliché versus social and market implementation realities.”

The Value of Urban Clustering
The New York Times, 4/12/11
“But as America increasingly clusters in dense counties around the edges of the country, it is far less important to invest in far-flung transportation infrastructure and far more important to invest in ways that make our metropolitan areas more productive, like education. I will return to these long-run trends next week.”

City of Phoenix jump-starts revitalization plans
Mail Tribune, 4/11/11
“The Phoenix Urban Renewal Agency has been in place for just over a year, and now city officials are poised to jump-start revitalization plans that have been on the drawing board for more than a decade.”

Experts meet in Detroit to discuss urban revitalization
Detroit Free Press, 4/11/11
“Several dozen of America’s leading thinkers on urban revitalization will gather in Detroit later this week for a four-day brainstorming session to help distressed cities reinvent themselves… The goal is to come up with new approaches that various cities can adapt to their own circumstances as they work toward revitalization, said David Mortimer, president of the American assembly.”

Which Comes First: the Neighbors or the Neighborhood?
National League of Cities blog, 4/11/11
“It’s a wonderful thing to have attractive neighborhoods and city leaders can take steps to help create the infrastructure for great neighborhoods. At [the Navy Yards in Washington, DC], all that is needed now are some neighbors. And some street trees.”

Gas Price Average of $3.79 a Gallon Prompts Commuters to Ditch Cars
ABC News, 4/11/11
“If regular gas prices reach $4 a gallon across the country, an additional 670 million passenger trips via public transportation could be expected, according to a report by the American Public Transportation Authority last month. That would result in more than 10.8 billion trips per year. If gas prices reach $5 a gallon, the report estimates an additional 1.5 billion passenger trips.”

Former Skeptic, Todd, now advocates car-free living
CommuterPageBlog, 4/11/11
“Todd DuBois, former Car-Free Diet Skeptic, was interviewed for a two-hour documentary on public transit for the NPR series ‘Passengers.’ The series asks the question, ‘What role can public transit play in building a more livable nation?’ ‘Passengers’ will be released starting this week on the Humankind public radio program. For the first hour, you can download the audio or hear it streaming at”