SGA News Clips, 5/13/11

Don’t Hold Your Breath for a White House Transportation Bill
DC Streetsblog, 5/12/11
“Both the House and the Senate have recently stepped back from earlier talk of finalizing a bill by Memorial Day and are now shooting for ‘sometime in June.'”

Buffalo’s Waterfront Shuffle
The Architect’s Newspaper, 5/11/11
“Buffalo’s historic inner harbor waterfront has changed radically over the past century. The terminus of the legendary Erie Canal was buried, the site filled in, and the Buffalo Memorial Auditorium built on top. A soaring 75-foot tall highway sliced the city off from the water. Now, Buffalo is poised to remake its waterfront with newly approved plans to restore the canal to a 12-acre, walkable, mixed-use neighborhood.”

The Death of the McMansion
Slate, 5/11/11
“What about single-family houses, which will still remain for many people the home of choice? There is some evidence that urban townhomes and infill housing are more popular, as rising gas prices increase the cost of commuting.”

LaHood Says Congress Should Figure Out Details of Transportation Bill
Governing Magazine, 5/12/11
“Since the middle of 2009, when the previous six-year highway bill ended, federal transportation funding has been allocated by a series of temporary spending bills. That process has frustrated state and local transportation leaders to no end, since the ad-hoc funding has made long-term difficult planning nearly impossible. As Congress crafts a new successor to that highway bill, the administration, key congressional leaders, and most transportation officials have made it clear: They want nothing short of a six-year bill this time.”

How Would Blumenauer’s New Commuter Benefit Proposal Work?
DC Streetsblog, 5/11/11
“The privileged position of cars in the employer-benefits paradigm could soon change. As Rep. Jim Moran (D-VA) said today, ‘We need to take away subsidies that incentivize people to do just the opposite of what we ought to be doing.’ As a congressman representing the second most congested part of the country, Moran said it was ‘stunning’ that the tax code ‘is designed to subsidize congestion.'”

Metro, Google Transit reach data-sharing deal
The Washington Post, 5/12/11
“Metro and Google have finalized a deal to integrate the transit system’s routes and schedule information with Google’s mapping service, providing the missing link in regionwide public transportation directions.”

GOP leaders cut transit funding by $109M
The Star Tribune, 5/12/11
“Rejecting claims that transit cuts would cripple service, House and Senate leaders Thursday night slashed $109 million from Twin Cities bus and rail funding. Republican leaders said the cuts were needed to plug a projected $5 billion state budget gap, but the decision also underscored their opposition to light rail and commuter rail.”