SGA News Clips, 5/27/11

With Help From a Republican Governor, Michigan Moves Toward Livability
DC Streetsblog, 5/26/11
“Earlier this spring, Snyder issued a directive to state agencies on the importance of ‘placemaking’ in economic development. The document — one in a series of statements that lays out his administration’s priorities — puts forward a plan for state agencies to cooperate to build a more livable, less car-dependent state, with strong urban centers.”

Texas Gutting Education But Spending $4 Billion to Widen 28-Mile Highway
GOOD Magazine, 5/25/11
“There’s no denying that I 35E could use some structural improvements. Denton is on track to have more than one million residents by 2030, and many of them will certainly commute to Dallas for work. But given the immediate needs of schools across the entire state of Texas it seems shortsighted to gut public education while building a road.”

Obama’s transportation plan to shrink in the Senate
Reuters, 5/25/11
“President Barack Obama’s sweeping spending plan for roads, rail and bridges is shrinking as it travels through Congress. In the next two weeks, the Senate will begin considering legislation to authorize about $339 billion over six years for transportation, Environment and Public Works Committee Chair Barbara Boxer told reporters on Wednesday.”

Dems, unions speak up for Amtrak in the fight over national rail plan
The Hill, 5/27/11
“House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee Chairman John Mica (R-Fla.) and Rail subcommittee Chairman Bill Shuster (R-Pa.) said Thursday that they would introduce legislation to separate the Northeast Corridor used in the federal grant process from the national rail service.”

$100 million development coming to downtown Greenville, 5/26/11
“Greenville-based Hughes Development Corp. unveiled plans Wednesday for the first phase of a $100 million, 375,000-square-foot mixed-use development at the corner of Main and Washington streets in downtown Greenville.”