Smart Growth News – December 19, 2013

Raleigh Mayor Meets with Transportation Secretary in Washington
The Raleigh News & Observer (NC) – December 18, 2013
The trip was hosted by the advocacy group Transportation for America, which brings together leaders and businesses from across the country to advocate for increased transit options.

In Final Speech, Bloomberg Lauds Rise of Cities, Warns of Fiscal Crisis Looming
The Wall Street Journal – December 18, 2013
In his final major address as mayor, New York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg heralded what he called the ascendance of American cities, but also warned that a looming crisis in healthcare and pension costs could pose a threat to their survival.

Cincinnati Considers Building Partially-Built Streetcar
USA Today – December 18, 2013
City officials will decide Thursday whether to scrap a streetcar already under construction, bucking the Obama administration’s push for the urban mass-transit systems. Meanwhile Wednesday, an independent consultant released a report on what it would cost to cancel or finish the project.

THUD Approps Chair Latham Retires
Politico – December 18, 2013
Rep. Tom Latham, the Iowan who led the House panel in charge of the THUD appropriations bill, is retiring.

In Search of the Next Hot Neighborhood
The Wall Street Journal – December 18, 2013
One revitalization effort in an old warehouse district in Kansas City, Mo., didn’t pan out because the area didn’t develop enough solid jobs or housing. Because people ended up driving in from the suburbs to shop or dine and then driving home, the neighborhood couldn’t sustain the strong nighttime population that Mr. Rutherford says is so necessary to the development of an underperforming area.

Mortgage Interest Deduction Saves Middle Class Taxpayers All Of $51/Month
Forbes – December 18, 2013
Our new Reason Foundation report suggests that the average benefits from the MID are not enough to be the difference between renting and home owning for a household.


Shift in Growth Policy Signaled
The Stockton Record (CA) – December 18, 2013
One of Stockton’s new leaders stood up at last week’s meeting of the Planning Commission and announced that in Stockton, the era of sprawl must end.

Sales Tax Hike for Mass Transit Proposed
The Salt Lake Tribune (UT) – December 19, 2013
Among other transportation tax hikes being pushed, counties are seeking legislative permission to hike local gasoline taxes by 3 cents per dollar to provide more money for local roads.

Complete Streets Benefit Many Groups, Including Bicyclists
The St. Louis Post Dispatch – December 17, 2013
Complete Streets provide health and fitness, environmental, safety and quality of life benefits to a community and can be implemented in a systematic and fiscally responsible manner.

Environmental Projects Get Grants from Fresno Group
The Fresno Bee (CA) – December 18, 2103
Smart growth projects focused on avoiding urban sprawl — along with several river restoration projects — have received a $155,000 boost from the Fresno Regional Foundation.