Smart Growth America statement on President Obama’s FY 2014 budget proposal

In response to President Obama’s proposed FY 2014 budget released today, Smart Growth America President and CEO Geoff Anderson released the following statement:

“Building strong communities is a key part of America’s economic growth, and I applaud the President for investing in programs that do just that in his FY 2014 budget.

“Investments in infrastructure and “fix it first” projects will help businesses compete in the 21st century economy and will help working Americans get where they need to go more easily and more efficiently.

“This budget’s commitment to investing in—and encouraging private investment in—chronically distressed communities will help whole regions become more prosperous. Strategies like this, that reinvest in existing neighborhoods, also help communities build in ways that are more economically resilient.

“Today’s budget also emphasizes an efficient government, with commitments to programs that cut red tape while creating incentives and better outcomes for communities across the country. Local economies and federal taxpayers alike will benefit from strategies like these.

“I won’t say today’s budget is ideal. As someone who has seen the benefits of federal smart growth programs first hand I would have loved to see these programs help more communities, not fewer. It’s clear, though, that President Obama faced some tough choices with this year’s budget, and I applaud him and the administration for continuing the proven and effective work of these important programs.” – Geoff Anderson, Smart Growth America President and CEO.