Smart growth new – September 30

Downtown Phoenix move has saved couple lots of money, time
The Arizona Republic, September 29, 2011
This year, Jessica and Cody Helgeson have turned that southeast Valley home into a rental and are celebrating their recent move to a high-rise in downtown Phoenix, 44 Monroe. Moving downtown has saved them hundreds of dollars a month in gas, reduced their headaches, eliminated their long commutes and improved their social lives, they said.

Route 1 planning effort goes on without state
WCSH (Maine), September 29, 2011
The project involved 21 towns on the 100-mile stretch of highway from Brunswick to Stockton Springs. But the effort expanded beyond simple road planning to involve planning the future growth of all the midcoast towns and cities.

The Rise of Urban Biking
The Nation, September 27, 2011
The urban biking surge can be linked to a number of other factors, from high gas prices to an increased awareness of climate change. New bicyclists have discovered how unsafe many roads are for riding—and in response they have helped reinvigorate a movement that was once the sole province of urban planners and environmentalists: to reshape America’s streets.

City to Throw Party for New Comprehensive Plan
KUT (Texas), September 29, 2011
Part of the challenge in drafting the plan has been balancing denser growth to discourage suburban sprawl, while easing concerns from neighborhood groups that don’t like denser development in their areas.

Kimberly Council Briefed on Smart Growth, Safe School Travel
Times-News (Idaho), September 30, 2011
The Kimberly City Council listened Tuesday to recommendations on how city policies can support safe routes to school. Elaine Clegg with Idaho Smart Growth, a nonprofit dedicated to helping communities manage their growth in healthy ways, is working with Kimberly city and school district officials to assess their existing sidewalks, road crossings and bicycling conditions and develop baseline data to examine.

Iowa City prepares TIF district in area set for redevelopment
The Gazette (Iowa), September 29, 2011
The city is taking steps toward establishing a tax increment financing district for an area of town slated for redevelopment. The proposal is related to the Riverfront Crossings District south of downtown, which the city wants to turn into a dense, walkable neighborhood with public and private projects.

Chapel Hill candidates talk environment, economy
Carrboro Citizen, September 29, 2011
“I don’t think that we need to choose between economic development and environmental values as we move forward with our town,” he said. “I’m a committed proponent of smart growth.”

Master Plan for the Central Delaware and the Race Street Pier Win Commonwealth Awards From 10,000 Friends of Pennsylvania
MarketWatch, September 29, 2011
The Delaware River Waterfront Corporation has received two prestigious awards from the 10,000 Friends of Pennsylvania during the 2011 Commonwealth Awards at the Hilton Harrisburg, in Harrisburg, PA. A crowd of developers, planners, legislators, local government officials and others involved and interested in responsible and efficient land use practices were in attendance as the Delaware River Waterfront Corporation received the Commonwealth-Gold award for Plans and Planning for the Master Plan for the Central Delaware and received the Commonwealth Award for Public Infrastructure for the Race Street Pier.

Housing Partnership Network and Citi Foundation Launch Fund to Advance Innovations in Neighborhood Stabilization
Sun Herald (Miss.), September 29, 2011
The Citi Foundation today announced a $2.75 million commitment to the Housing Partnership Network (HPN) to support the Innovations in Neighborhood Stabilization and Foreclosure Prevention Initiative, an effort to develop new and innovative solutions to neighborhood stabilization challenges in 10 metropolitan areas across the country. The initiative will provide leading community based housing organizations with grants and other resources to support high-impact neighborhood revitalization projects that can yield important lessons and be replicated in communities across the country.


Stop loss of prime farmland to senseless urban sprawl
Peoria Journal Star (Ill.), September 29, 2011
We are a group of farmers and neighbors concerned about unnecessary residential development across from Limestone-Walters Grade School, and we are fighting to protect valuable farmland in our community.

Area traffic gridlock is no accident
Washington Examiner, September 29, 2011
There’s a reason the Washington region now has the worst traffic congestion in America. It’s not because area motorists don’t pay enough taxes, as many politicians, Smart Growth advocates, and the editorial page of the Washington Post would have you believe.

Not all growth is smart growth
Tracy Press (Calif.), September 30, 2011
There are some in our valley communities who are trapped in their houses. They have lost their jobs and can’t find another. They have depleted their unemployment. They may be ready to lose their homes. They can’t afford the gas to run errands. These people live in suburbia.