Smart Growth News- April 17, 2012


Sims to Romney: HUD is healthy for America
Seattle PI- April 16, 2012
Mitt Romney did not know two reporters were listening outside on the street in Palm Beach, Fla., Sunday night, as the Republican nominee-in-waiting talked about abolishing a Cabinet department once headed by his father.

Poking Holes in the WSJ’s Transportation Editorial
US Chamber of Commerce Blog, Free Enterprise- April 16, 2012
The next time the Wall Street Journal editorial board decides to reprint talking points from the Heritage Foundation they might endeavor in some fact-checking.

Conservative group labels long-term highway bill negotiations ‘kabuki dance’
The Hill- April 16, 2012
The conservative Heritage Foundation’s political arm is warning its members about negotiations between the House and Senate about a possible long-term highway bill now that Congress is back in town.

Public Transit Systems Facing Repair Backlogs As Ridership Rises
Huffington Post- April 16, 2012
WASHINGTON — Driven by high gas prices and an uncertain economy, Americans are turning to trains and buses to get around in greater numbers than ever before. But the aging transit systems they’re riding face an $80 billion maintenance backlog that jeopardizes service just when it’s most in demand.

Just a Fraction More White Roofs Could Have a Huge Global Impact
The Atlantic Cities- April 16, 2012
If you combined all of the world’s urban areas into one dense nugget of urbanity, it would cover about 2 million square kilometers, or 1.3 percent of the land area of the planet. About 60 percent of that – roughly the size of California and Texas combined – is made up of pavement and rooftops.

Americans Do Not Walk The Walk, And That’s A Growing Problem
NPR- April 16, 2012
“Americans now walk the least of any industrialized nation in the world,” says writer Tom Vanderbilt. To find out why that is, Vanderbilt has been exploring how towns are built, how Americans view walking — and what might be done to get them moving around on their own two feet.

California Dreaming Up New Ways to Fund Public Transit
Torontoist- April 16, 2012
From turning off idling locomotives to asking China for the money, Richard Katz has some fresh ideas for funding transit.


Downtown catching eyes of energy firms
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette- April 17, 2012
As venerable U.S. Steel contemplates a move out of Downtown, some of the region’s newer corporate players in the oil and gas industry might be looking to do the exact opposite.

Walnut Creek’s Broadway Plaza primed to grow up
SF Gate- April 17, 2012
From the day it opened in 1951, Walnut Creek’s Broadway Plaza has embodied the evolving landscape of Bay Area suburbs.

GM invests more in Detroit, ad agency opens office downtown
Detroit Free Press- April 16, 2012
Look out, San Francisco: Detroit is your new competitor for talent.

Santa Monica Downtown Plan Comes into Focus
Surf Santa Monica- April 16, 2012
April 16, 2012 — The Downtown Specific Plan — a document that will help shape the future of the beach city’s “living room” — is gradually taking shape, as patterns begin to emerge, according to interviews with City officials.

O’Malley gets deserved recognition for Md.’s smart land use policies
Baltimore Sun- April 16, 2012
I’ll be honored today to accept a national planning award on behalf of Gov.Martin O’Malleyat the national conference of the American Planning Association, the largest professional planning organization in the country, representing 40,000 members.

Prince George’s moves toward complete and walkable streets
Greater Greater Washington- April 16, 2012
Can Prince George’s County make its streets, safe to walk and bicycle? At a recent forum, county officials agreed that they face many challenges to do so, but this must be a top priority today.