Smart Growth News- April 23, 2012


The week ahead: Wheels begin to turn on highway bill
The Hill- April 23, 2012
The next step in House and Senate negotiations over a new multiyear federal highway bill — naming members of a conference committee — could happen as early as this week.

What Earth Day Means to Millennials
NRDC Blog- April 22, 2012
Today is Earth Day. And I, by virtue of being a member of the first generation to have grown up with this holiday, am an Earth Day expert. I’ve made more than one paper mache globe in my lifetime to honor this, the high holy day of the environmental movement. I’ve picked up other people’s trash on the beach, in the park, strewn across various other land features. I’ve planted flowers and dug up weeds. Want to know which plastics are recyclable in the New York metropolitan area? Allow me to show you this poster I made in 1996.

Why N.Y.C. must scrape the sky
New York Daily News- April 22, 2012
The Bloomberg administration is fast-tracking a plan to transform the zoning near Grand Central Terminal, with changes that would allow developers to knock down smaller, older buildings and build new, modern towers.

Your next mayor: A computer April 21, 2012
Technology is helping cities control everything from traffic to disease. But who should control the technology?

Romney, once an anti-sprawl crusader, created model for Obama ‘smart growth’ program
Grist- April 23, 2012
Everyone knows that “Obamacare” was modeled on Mitt Romney’s Massachusetts health-care law. But did you know that a key Obama “smart growth” initiative — the Partnership for Sustainable Communities — was also created in the mold of a Romney program?

Can the Housing and Urban Development Department Survive a Romney Administration?
The Daily Beast- April 21, 2012
The Housing and Urban Development Department will never be one of Washington’s best-loved agencies, in part because its constituency is primarily poor people.


Mass transit gains momentum in Houston Area Survey
Houston Chronicle- April 22, 2012
This year’s Kinder Houston Area Survey found strong support for mass transit and a growing number of people who say they want to live within walking distance of work and shopping, reflecting what survey founder Stephen Klineberg predicts will become a fundamental shift in one of the nation’s most car-centric cities.

Still L.A.’s ‘transportation mayor’
LA Times- April 20, 2012
Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa came into office seven years ago with a remarkably ambitious agenda, proposing to solve many of L.A.’s most intractable problems: He would be the mayor who fixed the schools, cleaned up the gang problem and beefed up the Police Department. And, most important, he branded himself as the city’s “transportation mayor.”

Ryan Avent and David Bell : Silicon Valley’s prosperity hinges on our ability to house our talent pool
San Jose Mercury News- April 21, 2012
The economic recovery appears to be well under way here in Silicon Valley. From 2009 to 2010, California’s economy grew by just 1.8 percent, and the U.S. as a whole saw growth of just 2.6 percent. For the San Jose metro area, the figure was an eye-popping 13.6 percent — easily the best among large U.S. regions.

In Silicon Valley, an Emerging Bike Movement
San Francisco Streetsblog- April 20, 2012
Bicycle advocacy can be an especially daunting challenge in the South Bay and the Peninsula, where car-centric policies and culture rule the day. At this week’s Silicon Valley Bike Advocacy Summit the focus was on improving relations between advocates and government officials at a time when a growing number of cities in the Silicon Valley and big companies such as Facebook, Google and Apple are starting to embrace the bicycle.

Urban planning experts say using citizens to guide the process is healthy
The Sacramento Bee- April 21, 2012
CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — Cities are people. Why not use people to improve cities?