Smart Growth News- April 4, 2012


How We Think About Public Transportation Is Changing
Changing Gears- April 2, 2012
Chicago is experiencing record ridership of the CTA, and it’s on a drive to spruce up 100 stations. Cleveland has high speed buses from downtown to the Medical Center. In Canada, Toronto has streetcars and every kind of transit you can imagine, including rental bikes.

Eco-Driving Could Reduce Public Transit Fuel Usage By 18% April 2, 2012
At a time when the role of the U.S. Federal Government has been called into question and concerns about the exploding national debt loom over our collective heads, local and state governments and seeking to reduce their own debt burdens. Yet many municipalities are being called on to provide more public transit options, even as funding disappears. One potential money-saver is the application of eco-driving techniques designed to save fuel.

N.Y., London top Global Cities Index; Chicago 7th
Chicago Tribune, April 3, 2012
New York, London, Paris and Tokyo remain the world’s leading cities, but Beijing and Shanghai are increasingly likely to challenge them in the next 10 to 20 years, according to a 2012 Global Cities Index developed by A.T. Kearney and the Chicago Council on Global Affairs.

SoCal group votes on foot-friendly transit plan
Mercury News- March 4, 2012
LOS ANGELES—The government group that oversees Southern California transportation planning is set to vote Wednesday on a $524-billion agreement that would put unprecedented resources into walking, biking and public transportation in a region known for anything but.

Facebook for cities: A social network for building better neighborhoods
Grist- April 3, 2012
What would you do if you had a million bucks to make your neighborhood better? Turn the vacant building up the street into a healthy corner store with cross-cultural appeal? Fund 24-hour bus service? Paint giant flowers on the asphalt in every intersection?

The Biggest Trends of Urban Housing
The Atlantic Cities- March 4, 2012
I was privileged to participate along with some very smart urban thinkers in a recent program on the resilience of cities. The subject of the Great Recession came up, and I volunteered that the persistent economic slump had hurt both good and bad development. But I offered that it had hurt bad development (land-consuming, totally automobile-dependent subdivisions on the suburban edge) more than good, given that new, speculative development in sprawling outer locations had virtually ground to a halt.


Smart growth promoted
The Advocate- April 4, 2012
The economic arguments for smart growth policies are as relevant as ever as the nation emerges from the housing crisis and it’s up to cities to set the policies that produce smarter, more efficient development.

Chris Leinberger tells Rotarians how Atlanta can become hot again
Saporta Report- April 2, 2012
Developer and urbanist Chris Leinberger delivered a “wake-up call” Monday at the Rotary Club of Atlanta — “Hot-lanta is no longer hot.”

Neha Bhatt talks pedestrian safety on NewsTalk
Greater Greater Washington- April 3, 2012
Neha Bhatt, the chair of DC’s Pedestrian Advisory Council, appeared on Newschannel 8’s NewsTalk with Bruce DePuyt yesterday to talk about pedestrian safety and traffic cameras.

City’s Public Transportation Deemed Best in the West
San Diego Reader- March 30, 2012
The city’s Metropolitan Transit System, which operates 53 miles of light rail and more than 90 bus routes, received a perfect score from the Federal Transit Administration for the second consecutive time.

Plans for “Smart Growth” neighborhood in east El Paso under way
KFoxTV- April 3, 2012
EL PASO, Texas- Time is quickly ticking down to develop a new part of east El Paso, and its advocates are touting its smart growth development.

Syracuse downtown: Can it make a comeback? April 3, 2012
Is downtown Syracuse headed for a rebirth?