Smart Growth News – April 8, 2013

The case for age-friendly suburbs
Planetizen – April 5, 2013
Several trends are conspiring to challenge America’s ability to house and care for its senior citizens.

What to do with dead malls, aging suburban corridors? Planning expert to offer ideas
Tennessean – April 8, 2013
Cities like Nashville should try to “retrofit” underperforming suburban properties, including dead malls and aging office parks, and convert them to long-lasting mixed-use or green spaces, an urban planning expert said.

Opposition delays Smart Code in Kern
El Paso Inc. (TX) – April 7, 2013
Smart growth has been gaining traction nationwide over the past decade, but El Paso is ahead of much of the nation in its adoption of smart growth, said Ilana Preuss, vice president of Washington, D.C.-based Smart Growth America, a nationwide coalition of non-profits that support smart growth.

America’s most post-industrial metros
Atlantic Cities – April 8, 2013
The American economy has long been transitioning from goods-producing to service. But how has this transition occurred across America’s cities and metro areas?

Transit provides a lifeline for residents in rural America
US DOT Blog – April 4, 2013
Demand for public transportation in rural America has risen steadily over the last four years in response to trends like rising gas prices and the higher proportion of rural Americans choosing to age at home.

Local News

Gentrification threatens to displace residents in the inner suburbs as well as in the District
Washington Post (DC) – April 4, 2013
D.C.’s decade of prosperity and growth has been accompanied by a wave of development and displacement that is now threatening to submerge its inner-ring suburbs.

Miami’s Missing Middle
Global Site Plans – April 4, 2013
Miami’s housing stock can be characterized generally to encompass single family homes and condos. Between these two options, however, other choices are lacking.

America’s Top Small Town Art Scenes – April 5, 2013
America’s Top Twelve Small-Town ArtPlaces are announced today by ArtPlace, a collaboration of leading national and regional foundations, banks, and federal agencies committed to accelerating creative placemaking—putting the arts at the heart of a portfolio of strategies designed to revitalize communities.

Ballard Partnership for Smart Growth kicks off year-long initiative (WA) – April 5, 2013
The Ballard Partnership for Smart Growth (Partnership) officially launched its year-long initiative last month at Ballard Library.

Study: Residents in Eagle will pay more in walkable areas
Vail Daily (CO) – April 8, 2013
Eagle residents are willing to pay more per square foot for homes located near shops, schools, parks and restaurants, according to a new market study released last month by the nonprofit Sonoran Institute.

New Urbanism and Old Problems
Maui Weekly (HI) – April 5, 2013
“Finally, there’s some developers wanting to build old towns again,”

Developers Kick-Start $38M Transit-Oriented Apartment Community in Orlando
Commercial Property Executive – April 5, 2013
The Ivy could be the first true transit-oriented development project to start vertical construction in Orlando since the formal announcement of SunRail.