Smart Growth News – August 15, 2012

Top Stories:

Why Some Georgians Approved a Transportation Sales Tax
Governing – August 14, 2012
But anyone who sees the Atlanta vote as an indication that Americans won’t pay for transportation should take a look beyond the state’s capital city. Lost in much of the analysis about the failure of the tax hike in Atlanta — and most of the state’s other 12 transportation districts too — was the fact that it actually passed in three of them.

The Coming Oil Boom
New York Times – August 9, 2012
The most important story in the global economy today may well be some good news that isn’t yet making as many headlines — the coming surge in oil production around the world.

Union: Romney-Ryan ticket would be a ‘disaster’ for transportation
The Hill – August 14, 2012
AFL-CIO’s Transportation Trades Department President Ed Wytkind said the Romney-Ryan ticket’s “vision for our transportation system and its workers is about making all the wrong choices.”

Local News:

LaHood, local leaders to DC airport authority: Shape up
The Hill – August 14, 2012
Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood and elected officials from Virginia, Maryland and Washington, D.C., said Tuesday that the authority that oversees the capital region’s airports is in dire need of reform.

Los Angeles might ease up on parking requirements for businesses
LA Times (CA) – August 14, 2012
Council members Tuesday backed an ordinance that would allow real estate developers, landlords and business owners to reduce the number of parking spaces needed for their projects.

County approves $300M transit village project in West Palm Beach
South-Florida Business Journal – August 14, 2012
After about six years of planning and wrangling over density, the Palm Beach County Commission approved the $300 million mixed-use “transit village’ project in West Palm Beach.

Contractors, small businesses meet about high-speed rail
Fresno Bee (CA) – August 14, 2012
About 500 small-business representatives from throughout the San Joaquin Valley and California met with potential prime contractors Tuesday in Fresno in hopes of finding work building California’s high-speed train system.

Opinion and Editorial:

Advice for Passing a Massive Infrastructure Referendum
Atlantic Cities – August 14, 2012
As Atlanta decides how best to move forward, there are lessons it can take from other cities like Los Angeles, Denver, and Phoenix that succeeded in passing similar infrastructure referenda.

Agencies ignore transit in rush to rebuild interchange
Journal Sentinel (WI) – August 14, 2012
Should nearly $2 billion in taxpayer dollars be spent on a highway expansion project that will increase segregation and ignore the needs of people of color in the Milwaukee region?