Smart Growth News – August 20, 2013

Tax Credits Help Save Low-Income Areas
The Philadelphia Inquirer – August 19, 2013
Unfortunately, these valuable tax incentives may be at risk as Congress works to overhaul the tax code and eliminate deductions and credits.

Sandy Rebuilding Task Force Issues Recommendations
New Jersey Future – August 19, 2013
“Coastal communities need resources to understand more completely the risks they face so they can plan for the long term, with the ultimate goal of moving as many people and resources as possible out of harm’s way.”

These Two Rights Could be Nixed for Homeowners
MainStreet (dot) com – August 19, 2013
The coalition, for instance, recommends eliminating the mortgage interest deduction on second homes. For primary residences it would reduce the maximum debt to which the deduction could be applied to $500,000 from the current $1 million. It also recommends limiting real estate tax deductions for households making more than $100,000 a year.

How Will the New Federal Guidance on Affordable TOD Affect Your Community?
Enterprise – August 19, 2013
What do all of these changes mean for communities that are thinking about starting or expanding their transit systems? Most importantly, it means that regions planning transit projects will need to take a holistic view of the communities they are reaching and plan accordingly.

Land Value Capture 101: How to Fund Infrastructure With Increased Property Values
Mobilizing the Region (NY) – August 19, 2013
LVC can help mitigate the challenges cities face in obtaining public funding, while also providing benefits to private sector partners.


Does San Jose Know the Way to Detroit? Let’s Hope Not
sanjoseinside (CA) – August 19, 2013
A Smart Growth America study concludes that denser cities can save an average of 10 percent on such services.

Widen Main St.? Community Had Other Ideas, and Thrived
The New York Times – August 16, 2013
“If you build a place for cars, it will be a gathering place for cars,” Ms. Hackathorn said. “If it’s built for people, it will be a gathering place for people.”

UTA Commended for Completing Rail Lines Early and Under Budget
The Salt Lake Tribune (UT) – August 19, 2013
“It means better access to jobs for hard-working families. It means less time stuck in traffic.”

Fairmount Line: Don’t Waste Opportunities
The Boston Globe – August 17, 2013
Attracting more riders to the commuter rail line, which now has new stations and lower fares, could be a major economic boost to Dorchester — as long as the city holds up its end of the bargain by seeding the area around stations with new housing and businesses.

WCDA Targets Tax Credit Problem for Rural Communities
RealEstateRama – August 19, 2013
Since the program’s inception, in 1986, the Wyoming Community Development Authority (WCDA) has used the LIHTC program to develop over 4,000 affordable rental housing units in 22 communities.