Smart Growth News – August 26, 2013

Roseville Set to Unveil $4.5 Million Town Square
The Sacramento Bee – August 26, 2013
In many ways, the city’s direction mirrors the movie “Back to the Future,” said Chris Leinberger, president of LOCUS, a national network of real estate developers and investors who advocate for sustainable, walkable urban development.

Historic Preservation Supporters Fighting to Keep Credit: Taxes
Bloomberg Businessweek – August 23, 2013

The credit program also helps raise private investment, often in conjunction with the low income housing tax credit.

Preparing for a Stormy Future: Obama’s Sandy Rebuilding Strategy
NRDC Switchboard – August 22, 2013
The Administration also mentions the importance of working with state programs such as the New York Rising Community Reconstruction Program and New Jersey Resilience Partnerships, as well as nongovernmental organizations such as New Jersey Future.

Using Mixed-Use Education to Build Communities
Planetizen – August 20, 2013
Mixed‐use urban planning that combines entertainment, commercial, and residential uses has proven successful in creating more vibrant communities, but rarely have educational facilities been included in the mix.

Welcome to the Age of the Anti-Mall (Maybe?)
NRDC Switchboard – August 26, 2013
Even the suburbs are figuring out that walkable retail, not enclosed malls surrounded by parking lots, is the way to go in the twenty-first century.


Safe Streets Act of 2013
Hudson Reporter (NJ) – August 25, 2013
AARP would like to thank Congressman LoBiondo for co-sponsoring the Safe Streets Act of 2013. Congressman Frank LoBiondo has been a leader on a whole range of transportation issues over the years, and this is no exception.

Soapbox: Urban Renewal Fights Sprawl, Keeps Cities Vibrant
Coloradoan (dot) com – August 23, 2013
Recent data clearly show that Colorado’s counties, school districts and other taxing bodies all benefit from the creation of urban renewal projects in the form of higher revenue during and after the project.

Land Value Capture in the Tri-State Region
Mobilizing the Region (NY) – August 23, 2013

In an era of spending cuts threatening federal transportation funding, and with the burden to fund transportation pushed onto states and cities, the importance of innovative funding strategies like LVC for future transit projects is likely to increase.