Smart Growth News – August 3, 2012

Top Stories:

Governors Get on Board With Smart Growth

Streetsblog – August 2, 2012
The Governors’ Institute on Community Design isn’t a brand new undertaking — it’s been around since 2005 — but it’s just gotten some high-profile support which could catapult it to a different level.

The Rise of Economic Segregation

The Atlantic Cities – August 2, 2012
A new report from the Pew Research Center documents that it’s not just income inequality that’s increasing. Residential segregation by income is, too.

Survival Lessons From an Ancient Failed City

The Atlantic Cities – August 2, 2012
The city of Angkor Wat, Cambodia, was a vibrant, growing metropolis in the late 17th century. Angkor was the New York, Paris or Rome of its time. At its peak from the 9th to 17th centuries AD, no one could have imagined any threat to this Khmer city-state. Yet, Angkor collapsed almost totally in the 17th century, and the reasons behind its demise offer an important lesson for today’s cities.

Schumer pushes tax-deductible transit, still

Capital New York – August 2, 2012
The senator announced today that the Senate Finance Committee had approved his proposal to resurrect a tax break for mass-transit commuters.

DOT Doles Out $363 Million in Highway Funding

Transportation Nation – August 2, 2012
U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood announced more than $363 million in grants to fund a wide variety of highway improvements, from interstate rehabilitation and reconstruction to technologies that result in improved safety and reduced construction congestion.

Local News:

Snyder, Bing, DPS unveil plans to revitalize neighborhoods

Detroit Free Press (MI) – August 2, 2012
A bank-owned house on the city’s east side was the first to fall Thursday as a state-funded plan to demolish hundreds of decrepit houses in Detroit kicked off near J. E. Clark Preparatory Academy.

Beltline alive despite TSPLOST loss

WSBTV Atlanta (GA) – August 2, 2012
The Atlanta Beltline project is still alive and well despite losing close to $600 million with the defeat of the state’s transportation referendum, according to Beltline officials.

Bike parking use and capacity up at Metro Stations

The Wash Cycle – August 3, 2012
WMATA released data yesterday from their bicycle parking census that showed that use of bike parking was up 3% and parking capacity was up 20%.

Brownfield development efforts set to lose key revenue source

Star Tribune (MN) – August 2, 2012
Those involved in the cleanup and return of polluted “brownfields” to productive use say they’re preparing for the loss of a key tax revenue stream that has been used to pry loose millions of dollars for private investment in contaminated urban sites.

State investing $55 million to revitalize old buildings, create affordable housing in cities

The Connecticut Mirror – August 2, 2012
Ten vacant and deteriorated buildings in cities around Connecticut will soon be returned to residential use with the help of a $25 million state investment to create new affordable housing. Additionally, another $30 million will be invested in renovating long-neglected public housing sponsored by the state, the governor announced Thursday.

Mapping Future Growth

New York Times – August 2, 2012
After years of confusion, disputes and rule changes, New Jersey’s 21 counties surprised many last month by meeting a deadline to produce updated sewer service maps — not only locating infrastructure already in place but also detailing where new infrastructure should go. The maps are expected to guide statewide development well into the future.