Smart Growth News – December 13, 2013

The Most Walkable Cities and How Some Are Making Strides
Governing – December 13, 2013
“It may not be reflected in the commuting data until we see more people living in work centers.”

Shifting Gears to Make Bike Sharing More Accessible
NPR – December 12, 2013
“It’s a young, evolving industry, and coming down the road, maybe there’s a way to pay by cellphone and link it to a cellphone account rather than a credit card account.”

Central Planning in America
Slate – December 12, 2013
Striking a balance between the demand for some service (parking) and the cost (including opportunity costs) of providing it is exactly what market forces are good at.


Harvard University Study Cites Need for Conservation Investments and “Smart Growth” to Preserve the State’s Forestry
The Republican (MA) – December 12, 2013
Under one scenario — allowing recent trends to continue, unchecked — the state’s gains in land conservation would be undermined, jeopardizing water quality and reducing the landscape’s ability to naturally protect against climate change.

Portwalk Place Embraces ‘Smart Growth Principles’
Seacoastonline (NH) – December 13, 2013
“We have developed Portwalk Place with smart growth principles, including walkable streets, energy-efficient LEED buildings, underground parking and integration into the city streetscape.”

Nixon Must Not Block Low Income Housing Tax Credit
The St. Louis American – December 12, 2013
In the market economy in which we all live and work, tax credits are needed to entice developers to build low-income housing.

Austin Approves Toned-down Lone Star Rail Deal
Austin American-Statesman (TX) – December 12, 2013
The Austin City Council, rejecting a staff recommendation, approved on Thursday what could be a 56-year deal to share its property tax revenue with the rail district hoping to build a commuter line between Georgetown and San Antonio.

Protected Bike Lanes on Cleveland’s Streets Should be Given Serious Consideration
The Cleveland Plain Dealer – December 12, 2013
If Cleveland wants to appeal to the younger generation, it has to show that it’s willing to accommodate their lifestyle, and that includes biking.

Portland-to-Salem Commute by Train? Amtrak, Oregon add Extra Daily Passenger Rail Trips through Willamette Valley
The Oregonian – December 12, 2013
In a move expected to pull at least some daily Portland-to-Salem commuters off Interstate 5, Amtrak has announced a new schedule that it says will improve train service through the Willamette Valley on its fast-growing Cascades line in 2014.