Smart Growth News – December 18, 2013

Officials, Advocates See Community Planning as Key in Obesity Fight
Cronkite News Service – December 18, 2013
“We have to create those communities that make that healthy choice the easy choice,” she said. “It’s going to take a lot of redesigning the way that we grow and the way that we redevelop.”


Report Says Silver Line Metro Extension will Spark Population Increase
Virginia Business – December 16, 2013
The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority’s Dulles Metrorail extension (Silver Line) will cause a dramatic population increase and create a 24/7 live-work-play environment in Tysons over the coming decades, according to a research report published Monday.

Residents Living Near Expo Line Stations Reduce Car Use, Study Shows
The Los Angeles Times – December 16, 2013
Angelenos who lived within a half-mile of a station tripled their rail ridership and reduced their daily driving by 40%, the study found.

Threat to Mass. Forests Shows Need to Reform Zoning Laws
The Boston Globe – December 15, 2013
As in many other parts of the Commonwealth, residents worry about what will happen if housing construction accelerates, and residential sprawl eats away at the farms and woods that residents have cherished for generations.

The Enviro-nomics of Walkability and Bikeability
Tahoe Daily Tribune (CA) – December 17, 2013
Tahoe has its own environmental and economic arguments to make for increased walking and biking, but nationally and globally, the facts and new research are compelling.

Austin Preps for Rollout of Bikesharing System; Houston Use Stays Steady
The Houston Chronicle – December 17, 2013
The opening makes it the fourth Texas city to start a bicycle sharing system.

County Officials Get PlanMaryland Update
The Star Democrat (MD) – December 16, 2013
Hall said that, in many ways, PlanMaryland recognizes what counties already have in place, like priority funding areas, sustainable community areas, areas targeted for growth and some areas targeted for protection and preservation.