Smart Growth News – December 2, 2013

In Downtown LA, a Housing Revival
The Wall Street Journal – November 26, 2013
Six parking lots in downtown Los Angeles recently sold for $82 million. But the buyers aren’t interested in the parking business: They want to build 1,500 rental apartments on the properties.

Mass Transit Benefit Will Drop In 2014
Government Executive – November 27, 2013
The value of a mass transit subsidy directly correlates to the reliability and availability of public transportation in a particular area.


‘Narrow Pathway’ May Lead to Passage of $10B Transit Bill
Yakima Herald (WA) – December 1, 2013
Negotiators still — after almost a year of talks — have not overcome a partisan divide over issues including stormwater treatment, sales taxes collected from transportation projects, and funding for public transit.

10,000 Friends Of PA Salutes New Transportation Funding Bill
NorthCentralPA (dot) com – November 27, 2013
“Roughly 23 percent of all funding in this bill – $2.2 billion over the next five years – goes to much-needed transit projects. In addition, the bill makes a large commitment of approximately $700 million over the next five years in a first-ever Multi-Modal Fund.

As Interstate 275 Expands, Neighbors Feel the Squeeze
The Tampa Bay Times – November 30, 2013
In many areas, where the interstate runs straight east to west, entire blocks were demolished, cutting away neighborhoods a row at a time.

Land Banks are an Important Tool to Clean Up Blight
The Patriot-News (PA) – December 1, 2013
In Pennsylvania, the law allowing the creation of land banks went into effect last year, so it is a tool that is finally available for use in the Commonwealth.

New Downtown Streetcar Carries Hopes for Development
The Kansas City Star – November 29, 2013
If you’re looking for some solid — and tasty — evidence that the city’s decision to build a $100 million streetcar line downtown is prompting spinoff development, order some pho next spring from Jack Nguyen.

N.Y. Brownfields Tax Credit Reform Urged
LoHud (dot) com (NY) – November 30, 2013
Both environmental and business groups say they’ll push for changes to the program when lawmakers return to Albany in January.