Smart Growth News – December 20, 2013

American Innovation Springs from the Technology and Transportation Nexus
1776 (DC) – December 19, 2013
This legislative endeavor is a great opportunity for the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee to do things differently. As we write this bill, getting input from the startup community is vital if we are truly going to embrace changes within our transportation system.

How A Giant Mall Parking Lot Turned Into A Park And A Walkable Community
Fast Company – December 19, 2013
Instead of paving paradise for a parking lot, this Seattle shopping center is showing how America’s suburbs are changing.

Tax Policy Shouldn’t Favor Cars over Transit
The Chicago Tribune – December 20, 2013
On what planet does it make sense for the government to offer incentives for people to drive more?

Move Silicon Valley to Cleveland
Slate – December 17, 2013
The influx of money, young people, and business investment into Silicon Valley hasn’t led to a construction boom and the urbanization of the area. Instead, the local towns continue to insist on strict, suburban-style zoning that essentially rules out new housing supply.


Cincinnati to Restart Streetcar Project
USA Today – December 19, 2013
A swing vote on the City Council was won over by a private guarantee to pay up to $9 million in operating costs over the streetcar’s first decade.

Bus Service to Connect Workers with Jobs Needs Improvement, Study Says
The Milwaukee Business Journal – December 19, 2013
The study speaks to a long-recognized challenge for the region — unemployed residents in Milwaukee who don’t have cars cannot access available jobs in suburban communities.

Study: New Wave Of Deforestation Poses Threat In Mass.
WGBH (MA) – December 18, 2013
Species by species, acre by acre, scientists measured how sprawl impacts forests’ ability to provide ecosystem services like flood control, wildlife habitat, carbon storage, rural timber economies, and more.

Uber Ride-sharing Company Recalculates after Miami Roadblock
South Florida Business Journal – December 17, 2013
County ordinances have several tough restrictions on limo services, including a mimimum fare of $70, a requirement to call an hour in advance, and a cap on the number of licenses available.

State Energy Office Helps DOT with Airport Upgrades
Honolulu Star-Advertiser (HI) – December 18, 2013
The State Energy Office will provide technical assistance to the Department of Transportation for a recently announced energy efficiency program at state airports that is expected to save $518 million in energy costs over 20 years, the state announced Wednesday.