Smart Growth News – December 26, 2013

Chris Zimmerman and Smart Growth, Joined at the Hip
The Washington Post – December 23, 2013
His time as an elected local official has coincided with Arlington’s transformation into a national model of “smart growth.”


Amp is the First Step of a Broader Transit Plan
The Tennesseean – December 22, 2013
This bold plan for transit is a major piece of a larger strategy to improve roadways and help create safe and walkable communities across our region.

Transit-Oriented Housing Proposed
U-T San Diego – December 23, 2013
A second mixed-use housing project — this one featuring 416 apartments, retail space and a park — is being proposed along the Sprinter line in San Marcos, bolstering the city’s efforts to concentrate new housing near existing transportation corridors.

Streets Plan Faces Further Delays in St. Louis County
CBS St. Louis – December 24, 2013
A streets plan that many expected to sail through the legislative process in St. Louis County has been delayed for more than a month and it could be that much longer before it comes to a vote.

White Flint’s Last Christmas: Closing of a Past Retail Mecca Hints at an American Era’s End
The Washington Post – December 22, 2013
Many shopping malls, once considered innovative replacements for regional downtowns, are, like White Flint, morphing into urbanized town centers designed to make the suburbs feel more citylike.

Report Offers Ideas on Encouraging Growth along Rte. 9
The MetroWest Dailly News (MA) – December 26, 2013
Local leaders say they are looking at recommendations outlined in a recent study on how to accommodate growth along the Rte. 9 corridor while limiting the amount of new traffic on the busy road.

Just for Fun

Signs You Should Stop Thinking about Smart Growth and Enjoy your Egg Nog
Greater Greater Washington – December 25, 2013
When you see your future mother-in-law’s holiday village and think, “Needs more height & density near the train station.”