Smart Growth News – December 27, 2012

Today’s stories:

Bike-share company plans to start in downtown L.A. this April
Los Angeles Times – December 20, 2012
Bike Nation, the Southern California-based company that has pledged $16 million toward Los Angeles’ first bike-share network, will announce Thursday that it plans to begin rolling out its program in downtown this spring.

$500,000 federal grant for improving 2 Camden neighborhoods
Philadelphia Inquirer – December 25, 2012
Two Camden neighborhoods that surround Cooper University Hospital and the Cooper Medical School of Rowan University could see significant transformation in the next decade.

A Suburban Wasteland in Virginia Gets a Modern Urban Feel
New York Times – December 18, 2012
To see Merrifield, Va., today, with its sleek white Target, its narrow 1920s-style streetscape of specialty food shops along Glass Alley and the rest of the $542 million mixed-use Mosaic District is to nearly forget this unincorporated area’s former life as an uninviting industrial suburban crossroads.

The Future of City Driving: Per-Mile Car Insurance
Atlantic Cities – December 21, 2012
Drivers who are similar in age, gender, and residence pay about the same premium even if some drive 5,000 miles a year and others 50,000 miles. The problem is not only that low-mileage drivers end up subsidizing high-mileage ones — it’s that everyone has an incentive to drive as much as they can.

The Learning Curve of Smart Parking
New York Times – December 22, 2012
In its current state, however, “smart parking” is in some ways little different from regular parking. The term refers to a beguiling technology, now being tested in several cities, that uses sensors to determine whether a particular spot on the street or in a parking garage is occupied or vacant.

Beyond Sandy: The new normal
News Transcript (NJ) – December 26, 2012
In the immediate aftermath of superstorm Sandy, the future seemed a long way off. But as shortterm concerns of safety and shelter have given way to longer-term worries about tax revenues and the tourist season, local officials, business owners and residents have no choice but to look further down the road.

In January, a new push for Maryland gas tax
WTOP – December 26, 2012
Next month, Maryland lawmakers will return to Annapolis to begin the 2013 General Assembly. One issue that could come up is transportation funding.

Seattle, King County and suburbs: Raise gas tax 8 cents, raise car-tab taxes
Seattle Times (WA) – December 21, 2012
Elected officials in the Seattle area are uniting on a wish list for the 2013 Legislature: three potential tax increases for highway, street and bike-pedestrian programs, while sustaining service to about 400,000 daily riders on King County Metro Transit.