Smart Growth News – December 3, 2013

Bill Would Nearly Double Federal Gasoline Tax
The Hill – December 2, 2013
The last transportation bill that was passed by Congress included approximately $54 billion in funding per year, which transportation advocates said was barely enough to cover the repair needs of the current U.S. infrastructure system.

LaHood: Washington ‘Afraid’ to Invest in Infrastructure
The Hill – December 2, 2013
“It’s going to be up to Congress, it’s going to be up to the administration, and the people to decide that they are sick and tired of driving on crumbling roads, bad and dangerous bridges, and riding on 50-year-old transit systems.”


St. Louis County Wrestling with Complete Streets Legislation
The St. Louis Beacon – December 3, 2013
When the county’s transportation department starts new road projects, “it’ll be inclusive with the input of these other groups and other agencies.”

Intercounty Connector Toll Revenue Falls Short of Early Forecasts
The Washington Post – November 30, 2013
“When you merge onto the ICC, it doesn’t feel like a highway. It feels like an airport runway.”

Amendment Looks to Limit Sprawl, Protect Water and Wildlife
Tallahassee (dot) com (FL) – December 2, 2013
Those voters, 357,027 of them thus far, have signed a petition hoping to channel more than a third of the revenue of the paperwork involved with real estate transactions to the Land Acquisition Trust Fund.

Letter to the Editor: Choose Sustainable, Smart Growth
Arizona Daily Sun – December 3, 2013
Let’s change the famous Flagstaff quote, “Poverty with a view.” We can begin with smart sustainable growth plans.

Maryland Group Proposes a Metamorphosis for its Downtown Columbia Public Park
The Washington Post – December 1, 2013
The developers of new urban centers often talk about the importance of establishing live-work-play communities. Public amenities make the property surrounding them more valuable.

Just for Fun

Unique Exhibition Highlights Art Inspired By Urban Sprawl
KUHF (TX) – December 2, 2013
It focuses on shapes, textures, and images of a sprawling landscape.