Smart Growth News – December 5, 2012

Today’s stories:

Facing The Future Of Cities
KCUR Radio – December 3, 2012
Roger Millar, Vice President of Smart Growth America talks about how his organization helps state and local governments develop sustainable cities through well-planned public transit and walkable neighborhoods.

With $1B in projects, building is booming in Minneapolis
Star Tribune (MN) – December 4, 2012
Fueled by urban-loving millennials and baby boomers downsizing their households, more than $1 billion of construction projects have been approved in Minneapolis.

Voters Approve $85 Million Downtown Streetcar Tax
Los Angeles Downtown News (CA) – December 3, 2012
The effort to create a $125 million Downtown streetcar took a major step forward today, as local residents voted in favor of a plan to tax area property owners up to $85 million to fund the project.

New York City officials, developers to break ground on $15 billion mini-city Hudson Yards
New York Daily News – December 4, 2012
On Tuesday, city officials and developers will break ground on Hudson Yards, a $15 billion 15-structure mini-city on Manhattan’s West Side that will create more office space than exists in Portland, Ore.

Muni and other agencies consider basing fares on income
San Francisco Examiner – November 30, 2012
“It makes all the sense in the world to provide discounts based on need, instead of age,” said Ed Reiskin, director of the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency, which operates Muni. “Right now, we’d give almost a 70 percent fare discount to Warren Buffet. There is not a whole lot of logic in that.”

State struggles to find transportation solution
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (PA) – December 4, 2012
Faced with critical needs in Pennsylvania’s transportation networks, the Republicans controlling both legislative chambers are divided on whether to uncouple the issues of infrastructure and mass transit.

Court rules against long-range transportation plan
San Diego Union-Tribune (CA) – December 4, 2012
A nearly $200 billion road map charting how a growing San Diego County will meet its transportation demands over the next four decades may have to be redrawn.

Community takes shape in far north Harris County
Houston Chronicle – November 28, 2012
Surrounding a huge corporate campus under construction for Exxon Mobil, a developer is creating a community it says will be “a true live, work, play environment” that will have jobs, homes and amenities from the day it opens.

San Francisco is one of world’s great cities, versus NY and LA
Examiner – December 4, 2012
San Francisco has gained another star in its crown. This week, it was awarded one of the top 2 spots within the USA for quality of living in a world survey of great cities by Mercer Consulting, an international firm.

Calls in Pennsylvania, New Jersey for higher gas taxes
Philadelphia Inquirer (PA) – December 5, 2012
Gasoline taxes, unloved by motorists but invaluable for cash-hungry governments, could be raised as states and Congress scramble for more transportation funding.