Smart Growth News – February 1, 2013

Why Smarter Land Use Can Help Cities Attract and Retain Young Adults
NRDC Switchboard – February 1, 2013
Here’s the nutshell: 20th-century land use won’t help your city attract and retain 21st-century people.

Enviros praise LaHood as ‘unexpected champion of green policies’
The Hill – February 1, 2013
NRDC Executive Director Peter Lehner lavished praise on LaHood for policies such the Obama administration’s push to require automakers to produce cars that get more miles per gallon by the year 2025.

More Mixed Use Developments Equals a Stronger Community
Central Coast News (CA) – January 31, 2013
Mixed-use developments are popping up all around downtown San Luis Obispo.

Rethinking the gas tax: Suddenly it’s the theme of 2013
Transporation For America – January 31, 2013
Is the per-gallon gas tax going the way of the full-service filling station?

FDOT maps out plan to provide transit link to SunRail
Orlando Business Journal (FL) – January 31, 2013
When SunRail begins running from DeLand to Sand Lake Road in 2014, a plan will be in place to connect to areas east and west of the commuter rail system.

Streetsblog hunts for the worst intersection in America
Streetsblog – January 31, 2013
We put out a call for readers to send their nominations for the title.

Local News

On Rockville Pike, ‘Smart Growth’ Not Yet A Universal Concept
BethesdaNow (MD) – January 31, 2013
The residents, smart growth advocates, planners and politicians who showed up at a Tuesday event titled “Can we make the suburbs hip?” celebrated the coming transformation of White Flint from car-centric suburban strip malls to vibrant, transit-friendly mixed-use neighborhoods.

Ribbon cut on new Centro Transit Hub in Utica, operations begin Monday
WKTV (NY) – February 1, 2013
The public got their first look Thursday at the new Centro Transit Hub in downtown Utica, as the $5 million station gets ready to open for business next week.

Three Simple Ways to Make Streets More Walkable Without Touching The Street
Streets MN (MN) – January 30, 2013
Most US cities, Minneapolis and St Paul included, are in dire need of traffic calming and complete streets.

N.J. to Let Community Garden-Grown Produce in Public Schools
Next City – February 1, 2013
The New Jersey General Assembly unanimously approved a bill on Monday that will allow state schools to serve produce grown in community gardens.