Smart Growth News – February 12, 2013

Streetcars carry ‘oddball’ label at Smart Growth conference
Kansas City Star (MO) – February 11, 2013
After attending a streetcar workshop at last week’s national Smart Growth conference in Kansas City, one thing is for sure: They’re not a one-size-fits-all proposition.

Is Congress really going to miss its free lunch on infrastructure?
Washington Post (DC) – February 12, 2013
Since the election, there have been hints that we could be entering a period with some actual productive, bipartisan dealmaking, most explicitly on immigration reform.

Mayor Mark Mallory on How Smart Growth Helped Turn Cincinnati Around
Streetsblog DC – February 11, 2013
About seven years ago, when Mayor Mark Mallory came on the scene, Cincinnati was at a low point.

Will Construction Ever Come Back?
Atlantic Cities – February 12, 2013
How the recovery is proceeding in housing markets across metros.

Local News

Brattleboro wins EPA sustainability grant
Brattleboro Reformer (VT) – February 12, 2013
Brattleboro is one of only five communities in New England, and 43 selected nationwide, to receive a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Sustainable Communities grant.

Committees Repeal Land Agency
Star Advertiser (HI) – February 12, 2013
Bending to public pressure, state House and Senate committees agreed Monday to repeal the Public Land Development Corp.

Critics sue to block new land use plan for Lake Tahoe
Sparks Today (NV) – February 12, 2013
A broad-based plan designed to guide land use at Lake Tahoe for decades is “deeply flawed,” fails to protect an endangered environment and should be scrapped, two environmental groups argue in a lawsuit filed Monday against the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency.

New mixed-use center planned for Carmel Valley
Delmar Times (CA) – February 12, 2013
“When we sat down to design this property we realized we have a very unique opportunity. This is a community that really needs a hub.”

Just for fun

The World’s Most Non-Urban Settlements
Planetizen – February 11, 2013
From an underwater laboratory located in the U.S. Virgin Islands to a research station built on a 10,500ft high ice plateau in Antarctica, Gizmodo has assembled the “20 loneliest outposts at the end of the world.