Smart growth news – February 13, 2012

National News:

Smart Growth’s Revival
UT San Diego – February 13, 2012

‘Smart growth,” a planning concept popular since the 1990s, is gaining traction as the construction industry looks to a revival, say advocates of building housing, shops and workplaces near each other and transportation networks. But they acknowledge that neighborhoods still are leery of change.

‘Smart Growth’ gaining traction in downturn
UT San Diego – February 13, 2012

Geoffrey Anderson, president of Smart Growth America, and Bill Fulton, vice president for policy and programs and former mayor of Ventura, sat down during the New Partners for Smart Growth Conference, held last weekend in San Diego, to take stock of the movement and where it is headed. Here are highlights of their comments…

Budget day: $476 billion transport request – House, Senate primed to move on transport bill – Early list of House amendments – Inside the railroad/trucker beef
Politico – February 13, 2012

The Office of Management and Budget puts out President Barack Obama’s FY 2013 budget request today; a White House official confirmed to MT that Obama will ask for a six-year, $476 billion surface transportation package. But the plan is DOA in a Republican House looking to knock Obama out of a job come November. Obama’s past Department of Transportation proposals haven’t fared well either: for three straight years he asked for a national infrastructure bank that still hasn’t been created. Last year he wanted a six-year, $556 billion transportation package. The White House backed the Senate’s bill last week even though it lasts only a third as long and spends two-thirds of what Obama wants each year.

Obama’s budget meant as challenge
Politico – February 13, 2012

But even as Obama is speaking, the budget rollout in Washington will show a fourth year of $1 trillion-plus deficits and a 2013 shortfall of $901 billion — nearly twice the share of GDP that Obama predicted four years ago.

U.S. malls find new uses for empty spaces
Herald Tribune – February 13, 2012

Cleveland’s Galleria at Erieview, like many malls across the country, is suffering. Closed on weekends because there are so few visitors, it is down to eight retail stores, and eight food-court vendors.

Big House GOP test: $260 billion highway bill heads for cliff
The Hill – February 13, 2012

The political right and left have attacked the legislation, and even Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) is making no bold predictions that he can cobble together the 218 votes needed for passage.

Local News:

U.S. blues museum planned for St. Louis riverfront
Reuters – February 13, 2012

A few blocks from the Mississippi River levee where a homeless W.C. Handy composed “St. Louis Blues” more than 100 years ago, the first national blues museum in the United States is taking shape.

Brooklyn’s Shifting Center
Wall Street Journal – February 13, 2012

New York’s Steiner family is planning a 52-story rental apartment tower on a gritty block in downtown Brooklyn in what would be the latest expansion of residential development in the borough beyond its traditional boundaries.

Detroit Transit Woes a Preview of American Transit Under House GOP
Streetsblog – February 13, 2012

Unreliable transit is a tragedy, a drain on the economy. It limits people’s ability to live healthy and productive lives. And that could be the way the whole United States is heading, if House Republicans have their way.

State, region should partner on transit
Atlanta Journal Constitution – February 11, 2012

Today, more than 2 million workers support metro Atlanta’s economy, a number which is projected to more than double over the next three decades. Because these workers live and commute to their jobs all across this region, we know that our economic prosperity is linked to our ability to promote reliable, cost-effective commute options for the nearly 50 percent of metro Atlanta workers who leave their home county to get to their jobs.

T riders out in droves to protest fare hikes
Boston Herald – February 11, 2012

More than 3,000 ticked-off T riders have attended the 16 public meetings held so far by the MBTA on its proposed fare hikes and deep service cuts, spurring a groundswell of support for prodding Beacon Hill to help solve the T’s budget crisis.