Smart Growth News – January 10, 2013

In Depth Interviews – Ilana Preuss, Smart Growth America
Federal News Radio – January 9, 2013
Federal agencies spend $450 billion a year on real-estate programs. But that spending isn’t coordinated so it will have the impact that it could.

How U.S. Housing Policy Leaves Low-Income Americans Behind
Think Progress – January 9, 2013
Smart Growth America released a new report yesterday — first picked up by Grist — that highlights the way federal housing policy is grossly tilted to the benefit of the well-off.

Starving the Cities to Feed the Suburbs
Grist – January 9, 2013
You’re probably aware that the federal government spends money on some things you like (national parks), and some things you may not care for (imprisoning non-violent drug offenders).

$450 Billion in Federal Subsidies Tilt U.S. Real Estate Market Toward Sprawl
Streetsblog – January 9, 2013
Real estate in the United States, it turns out, isn’t really guided by “the invisible hand” of the free market.

Rethinking Suburban Sprawl (NJ) – January 10, 2013
It’s one thing to build a convenient, transit-oriented, environmentally friendly community from scratch, in undeveloped open space. But how do you do that in a place like North Jersey?

The Practical Genius of American Main Streets
Streetsblog – January 9, 2013
It can be such a pleasure to stroll down a street that was was developed in the first part of the 20th Century, or earlier.

Megabus, the Recovery of American Downtowns and the Resurgence of the Bus Industry
Chicago Magazine (IL) – January 8, 2013
I used to take buses a lot: Vegas to Chicago and back, Chicago to Virginia, a long couple-weeks loop from Virginia to Chicago to several northeastern cities, Chicago to Atlanta.

New Website Helps Create Walkable Communities
Planetizen – January 9, 2013
A new website,, provides communities tactics for creating walkable communities.

How Rethinking the Golf Course Could Help Seniors Age in Place
Streetsblog DC – January 9, 2013
The 15,753 golf courses in the United States take up more space than half the state of New Jersey.

Why Americans are dying earlier than their international peers
CNN – January 9, 2013
Despite spending more per person on health care than any other country, Americans are getting sicker and dying younger than our international peers — a problem persisting across all ages and both genders, according to a new report.

Local News

New study finds infill & public transit projects caught up in CEQA net
California Economic Summit Reporting (CA) – January 10, 2013
The debate over how to modernize the California Environmental Quality Act—the state’s long-disputed environmental law, which was passed in 1970—often gets bogged down in anecdotes.

Why Virginia’s Governor Wants to Tax Prius Drivers
Atlantic Cities – January 9, 2013
Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell has a buzzy new plan to fund his state’s transportation needs. He wants to stop taxing gasoline and start taxing Prius drivers — and, more importantly, shoppers in general.

Central Point moves toward east-side TOD
Mail Tribune (OR) – January 10, 2013
Planning Commission members unanimously agreed Tuesday that the city should move forward in creating a second transit-oriented development, this time on the east side of the freeway.

Buyer of most of Ford’s plant site envisions mixed-use development
Observer & Eccentric (MI) – January 9, 2013
Ford has sold three-quarters of its giant former Wixom Assembly plant property to an industrial site redeveloper and may sell most of the rest to home improvement retailer Menards.