Smart Growth News – January 18, 2013

Untangling Urban Growth Boundaries
Next City – January 18, 2013
Containment policies, such as Urban Growth Boundaries (UGBs), are becoming more widespread as metro regions try to control sprawl and revitalize central cities.

America Is a Walking Disaster
Atlantic Cities – January 16, 2013
In much of America, walking – that most basic and human method of movement, and the one most important to our health – is all but impossible.

Pro-Bike Republican Tom Petri to Chair Key House Transpo Panel
StreetsblogDC – January 16, 2013
The Republican co-chair of the Congressional Bicycling Caucus is getting a leadership position with some real gravitas.

Transportation Budget Gap Could Mean Loss Of Federal Funds
VPR (VT) – January 17, 2013
It’s estimated that the state will need to raise roughly $30 million in new transportation revenue in order to pull down the maximum amount of federal funds and there are several revenue options being considered at the Statehouse.

Suburbia’s Costs Can’t Be Maintained
Lancaster Online (PA) – January 17, 2013
Years from now I look forward to telling my grandchildren I was a witness to one of the most important events in modern Lancaster County history, one that radically changed how the community manages growth.

Urban Nation – The Two Sided Coin of Deductability
Next City – January 16, 2013
In a bout of home-state devotion last month, the New York Times editorialized rather firmly against the hint of a proposal to cap the federal deduction for state and local taxes.

Local News

Group Forms to Promote Dense Single-Family Housing
Publicola (WA) – January 17, 2013
A new group, Smart Growth Seattle, is promoting denser development on small lots in single-family neighborhoods.

Larkspur approves its ‘Complete Streets’ policy
Marin Independent Journal (CA) – January 17, 2013
The Larkspur City Council unanimously approved a “Complete Streets” policy Wednesday that is meant to reduce vehicle use and encourage other forms of travel such as bicycling and walking.

Perris: Plan to make city more ‘walkable, bikeable’
Press Enterprise (CA) – January 18, 2013
A plan is now in place that aims to make Perris friendlier to cyclists and pedestrians.