Smart Growth News – January 24, 2013

Data Shows Inclusionary Housing Is…Inclusionary!
Planetizen – January 24, 2013
Advocates of inclusionary zoning have something to smile about. A new report from the Rand Corporation confirms that the housing produced by these zoning policies does in fact create or preserve affordable housing in areas of low poverty.

Ditching the Federal Gas Tax Would Lead to Greener Transpo Policy
Bloomberg – January 23, 2013
Any transportation official knows how to deal with a broken-down car blocking rush-hour traffic: Move it to the side of the road and let everyone else get where they’re going.

Calls for CEQA overhaul much ado about not much

San Francisco Chronicle – January 23, 2013
The California Environmental Quality Act has been guiding public and private investments to a sustainable economic, environmental and social future for California since 1970, yet some interests are pushing to reform this landmark law.

Can We Finally Declare Peace in the ‘War on Cars’?
Atlantic Cities – January 24, 2013
Can you still have a war if nobody wants to fight? A recent survey of attitudes toward bicycles in Seattle raises the question.

Local News

Roswell State of the City: Mayor predicts a mixed-use Roswell (GA) – January 23, 2013
The future of Roswell looks brighter, although according to Mayor Jere Wood, somewhat different from what residents might be used to.

Build smaller dwellings in San Joaquin Valley, study says
Modesto Bee – January 24, 2013
The San Joaquin Valley should sharply reduce its appetite for big homes on large lots to meet housing needs of empty-nesters and growing minorities, says a study released Wednesday.

Study: Growing numbers of Valley residents want walkable neighborhoods

Central Valley Business Times (CA) – January 23, 2013
If a study released Wednesday by a nonprofit that promotes in-fill development pans out, living in the eight counties of the San Joaquin could look surprisingly different by mid-century.

Brownfields Provide Opportunity for Duluth
Northlands Newsletter (MN) – January 24, 2013
The city of Duluth is looking at contaminated land in a new light.

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