Smart Growth News – January 29, 2013

Andres Duany Details the “New, New Urbanism”
Planetizen – January 28, 2013
Andrés Duany articulated his vision for how planning must adapt to the new realities of “national impoverishment” and climate change by utilizing the tools of tactical urbanism.

Senior Citizens Drive Infrastructure Funding
Politico – January 29, 2013
Aside from figuring out the future of Medicare and Social Security, policymakers have another big challenge: helping older people get out and about.

California to start buying land for HSR
Mercury News (CA) – January 28, 2013
Construction of California’s high-speed rail network is set to start in July, but the state still has not purchased any land along the route.

Stop Segregating the Rich! Fighting Displacement Fights Crime
Planetizen – January 28, 2013
Isolating poor residents from rich ones is not only bad for those being segregated, it leads to the worst outcomes for a city as a whole.

Bus Rapid Transit Looks Set for Growth in Oregon
Transportation Nation – January 29, 2013
Portland has been a national leader in building light rail, but the transit-friendly city is considering buses as the next round of expansion.

Picturing 10 Urban Qualities Every City Should Have
Atlantic Cities – January 28, 2013
“Bookmarks” that recall modern expressions of traditional urban life.

Local News

Project seeks to create plans for sustainable development
The Buffalo News (NY) – January 29, 2013
A regional project seeks to create a plan for sustainable development and economic redevelopment, encompassing land use, transportation, housing, energy, climate change and access to food.

A Walkable, Bikeable Berlin (MD) – January 29, 2013
Grow Berlin Green continues its efforts for a model town.