Smart Growth News – July 17, 2013

Bike-Friendly Companies Doing Brisk Business As Bike Culture, Infrastructure Gains Ground
The Huffington Post – July 16, 2013
Researchers have estimated that all aspects of cycling — increased sales by bike retailers, out-of-state tourism, a bump in traffic to businesses near bike lanes, gains from positive health effects, and other factors — contribute $435 million per year to Iowa’s economy. Similar studies have found contributions of $481 million to Minnesota and $556 [million] to Wisconsin.

When Hostile Streets Mar What Should Be a Walkable Trip
Streetsblog Network – July 15, 2013
David Levinson lives just three blocks from St. Paul, Minnesota, but he almost never walks there. Standing in his way is a largely impassible highway and a series of sidewalk-deficient, glass-strewn streets.

Walk Wise, Drive Smart – Stepping Up to a More Walkable Hendersonville
AARP – July 15, 2013
The Walk Wise, Drive Smart program is a neighborhood-based project that is part of the Henderson County Livable and Senior Friendly Community Initiative in Hendersonville, North Carolina. It aims to create more pedestrian-friendly environments within Hendersonville.

The Rise of People Living Alone Has Led to More Sustainable Cities
The Atlantic Cities – July 16, 2013
The paradox of solo attraction to urban life is that modern metro areas were largely planned and designed with the nuclear family in mind. As a result, if cities want to keep the solos coming, they will have to make it worth their while.


Is Downtown’s Low-Rise Building Spree Hurting the Economy?
LA Downtown – July 16, 2013
“In some of the areas where we have the most allowable density, which were intended from 30 years ago to be high-rise zones, we’re getting five-story buildings,” LoGrande said. “A lot of the growth that we need to accommodate the future could be on these sites, right next to transit. That opportunity could be lost.”

Brownfields Redevelopment Gets $350,000 from EPA
The Buffalo News (NY) – July 16, 2013
The grant brings to $2.45 million the amount the EPA has provided since 2008 for the county’s Brownfields Development Corp., which lends or grants the money to projects aimed at reusing old industrial sites.

Businessman Buys Historic home, Plans Mixed-use Development
Mississippi Business Journal – July 16, 2013

Historic Hattiesburg Downtown Association Director Betsy Rowell said the development of Front Street is indicative of growth capitalizing on itself.

Kalamazoo County Land Bank Plans Clean Up of Blighted Properties
WKZO (MI) – July 15, 2013
Thanks to a grant of almost a million dollars from the state, the Kalamazoo County Land Bank will be cleaning up blight and demolishing abandoned structures at 70 properties in the next year.