Smart growth news- May 10, 2012


For public transit, the recession’s still not over
Washington Post- May 9, 2012
Public transportation in the United States has faced a perverse situation these past few years. Thanks to high gas prices, more and more Americans are riding buses and trains. But thanks to budget crunches, transit agencies are actually cutting services at the exact same moment.

Gas prices fall and Obama gets a boost
Politico- May 9, 2012
Gasoline prices are no longer headed for $5 a gallon, but that doesn’t mean Republicans plan to stop using them to attack President Barack Obama.

Pro-Bike Group: Four out of Five Americans Want $$ For Biking & Walking
Transportation Nation- May 9, 2012
You always have to be a little leery when a group supporting a particular outcome puts out a poll showing support of that outcome, but an America Bikes poll being released today shows pretty lopsided results: a plurality (47%) of Americans wants more funding for bike and pedestrian programs, and when you add in those who believe existing funding should be maintained, four out of five Americans in all categories support maintaining or increasing funding. — Republican, Democrat, Independent, rural, urban, suburban, young old, etc.

Transportation Hurdles Keep Many With Disabilities Homebound
Disability Scoop- May 9, 2012
Transportation is a major obstacle for people with disabilities, with more than 500,000 never leaving their homes simply because they lack a way to get around, according to a new report.

Sneezy in the City
Mother Jones- May 9, 2012
Are you an urban-dweller who suffers from allergies? Maybe you need more bacteria in your life, according to a new paper published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Five things that the final House/Senate transportation bill should do
Transportation for America- May 9, 2012
The “conference” on the transportation bill between the House and Senate began yesterday, with opening remarks and a long public hearing — though much of the real work will happen behind closed doors.


Reversing Years of Neglect on a Hill Above Nashville
The New York Times- May 8, 2012
NASHVILLE — On a bluff overlooking the Cumberland River, the odd collection of trolley barns and old hospital buildings here known as Rolling Mill Hill has been in some stage of redevelopment for the last 14 years.

NJ Transit gets acceptable grade for first time since creation of satisfaction ‘Scorecard’ May 10, 2012
For the past three marking periods, NJ Transit has been the student who sheepishly hands the report card to parents. Grades on the agency’s “Scorecard” customer satisfaction survey either went down from the previous marking period, or barely budged.

Hollywood Community Plan Moves to City Council ‘Without Recommendation’
Hollywood Patch- May 9, 2012
The Planning Land Use and Management Committee opted not to take an official stance due to the “sensitivity” of the decision at Tuesday’s meeting.