Smart growth news- May 11, 2012


Transportation bill plays the waiting game
Politico- May 11, 2012
THE WAITING GAME: With the first formal conference meeting out of the way, the transportation bill is moving …slowly. Staff and members haven’t yet scheduled any meetings — public or private — two House conferees told MT yesterday. “We’re waiting for schedules now,” T&I freshman and conferee Richard Hanna told MT. “As far as I know, everything everywhere is up in the air.”

How Millennials Are Saving the Economy
The Fiscal Times- May 10, 2012
John T. Rogers, age 26, grew up in rural West Texas, raised by a single mother who often worked three jobs to make ends meet. He says his 59-year-old mother remains fiscally conservative, refusing to spend a dime on herself, though she now earns a respectable income.

Are Americans Driving Less Because They’re Working Less?
DC Streetsblog- May 10, 2012
Everyone’s trying to figure out why, after decades of consistent growth, the amount Americans drive is leveling off and even declining. The decline started during the recession, to be sure, but was more dramatic than in previous recessions. As the economy began to get back on its feet, vehicle miles traveled (VMT) just barely ticked upward — and then fell again.

At the 20th Congress for the New Urbanism, a Movement Feels its Age
The Atlantic Cities- May 10, 2012
WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — The season, as it’s known, ended in April, leaving Lily Pulitzer-clad stragglers shopping for sunglasses on Worth Avenue and ordering the steak au poivre at Flagler’s. Until this week, when the stomping grounds of the Kennedys, Donald Trump, and Rod Stewart are descended upon by an entirely different brand of aging rocker: the New Urbanist.

Congressional report says ‘drill, baby, drill’ won’t protect U.S. from oil price spikes
Grist- May 10, 2012
More domestic drilling does not make America less susceptible to global supply disruptions or protect consumers from gasoline price volatility, according to a new analysis [PDF] from the Congressional Budget Office (CBO).


A double shot of urban-type feel
Illiniois Times- May 10, 2012
“Everyone wanted it to have an ‘urban’ type feel,” said one focus group participant to the State Journal-Register about the new supermarket that Niemann Foods Inc. plans to build at Second and Carpenter, “although it’s in a neighborhood.”

Austin adds 10 miles to proposed urban rail system May 10, 2012
Austin’s urban rail plan is growing tentacles.

Group aims to raise $10 billion for high-speed rail in Texas
Star-Telegram- May 9, 2012
LEIPZIG, Germany — They travel more than 200 mph, and during 48 years of operation in Japan, they have never been involved in a fatal crash.

What can DC learn from its successful subsidies?
Greater Greater Washington- May 10, 2012
New data from the Office of the DC CFO reveals that the initial wave of development subsidies, such as Gallery Place, have repaid to the city well ahead of schedule. While excellent news for the city’s finances, these subsidies also provide important lessons that some present-day corporate subsidies don’t always follow.

Chicago Wants to Zero Out Traffic Fatalities By 2022
Transportation Nation- May 11, 2012
New York’s transportation department has had safety bragging rights — reducing traffic fatalities to their lowest level ever.

Why Seattle needs a new urban environmentalism
Crosscut- May 11, 2012
Sure, Seattleites score high when it comes to environmental awareness, but it’s about time we took a good look at how we treat our city.