Smart Growth News- May 3, 2012


Federal transportation bill enters legislative homestretch
USA Today- May 2, 2012
WASHINGTON (AP) – Defying expectations, Congress has reached the homestretch on a major overhaul of federal transportation programs that is critical if the nation is to avoid steep cutbacks in highway and transit aid.

Will that Starbucks last? April 16, 2012
Everyone knows that cities like New York, Boston and Chicago have flipped the script over the past couple of decades, turning richer and whiter as their surrounding suburbs grow more diverse. Today, you’re more likely to hear Farsi and Thai spoken in the sprawling cul-de-sacs outside of Atlanta than you are in many parts of the Starbucks-soaked city center.

Smaller cities in airline squeeze
Sacramento Bee- May 3, 2012
It took Josh Hunter three separate planes, two connections and a two-hour drive to get from Mobile, Ala., to Cincinnati at Easter. When he added it all up, his 720-mile trip had lasted 12 hours – the same it would have taken him to drive.

Feds: Where We’ve Added Bikeways, Biking Up 50%
Transportation Nation- May 1, 2012
A federal program to encouraging biking and walking in four communities — Columbia, MO; Marin County, CA; Minneapolis, MN; and Sheboygan County, WI, is meeting with success, according to a new bike month post by Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood on his Fastlane blog.

Gen Y’s Take on Car Ownership? ‘Not Cool’
TIME- May 2, 2012
Millennials are often viewed as “game changers” in the auto industry. Over the next 10 years, it’s anticipated that 40% of new cars sold will be purchased by Gen Y consumers. That’s assuming Gen Y consumers actually wind up owning cars at all. Perhaps that’s not the safest assumption to make.


$40,000 Kalamazoo Foundation, United Way lifeline grant will provide public transportation for jobseekers
M Live- April 30, 2012
KALAMAZOO, MI — Grant money is now available to provide public transportation in Kalamazoo County for people seeking jobs or who have been recently employed and are waiting to receive their first paycheck.

Salt Lake City Council funds $6.9 million trolley park
The Salt Lake Tribune- May 1, 2012
The Salt Lake City Council on Tuesday evening voted to spend $6.9 million on a so-called greenway that would run parallel to a planned trolley line from South Salt Lake to Sugar House.

Mobile mommy: Not even the kids slow her down in bicycling where she needs to go.
The Register-Guard- May 2, 2012
Pumping a heavy-duty Dutch-made Workcycle Fr8 bicycle from Costco with four bags of groceries loaded on back is something Emily Swenson takes in stride these days.

Houston saddles up for downtown bike share program
The Houston Chronicle- May 2, 2012
Houston’s first bike share program will take to city streets Wednesday in an effort officials predict will transform how workers and visitors will travel short distances in the downtown area. Starting with 18 bicycles at three locations, plans call for adding 200 more bikes at sites between downtown and the Texas Medical Center by year’s end.

D.C. Offers a Bold Vision for a More Sustainable Future
The Dirt- May 2, 2012
At a historic church in the Shaw neighborhood of Washington, D.C., Mayor Vincent Gray said there are either two future directions for the city: “The gaps between us could further divide our city,” or the city could become “greener, more equitable, and more prosperous” for all.