Smart Growth News – May 6, 2013

HUD Network to Assist Cities By Connecting Them With Each Other
Next City – May 4, 2013
The Department of Housing and Urban Development has unveiled an unprecedented new network aimed at helping cities.

Why America’s population density is falling
Reuters – May 4, 2013
If you calculate density the right way, weighting by population rather than by land area, you find something very odd: density is actually going down.

The Future of Public Roads Is in Private Hands
Atlantic Cities – May 6, 2013
Public-private partnerships for infrastructure (often called PPPs or P3s) have been on the rise in recent years, and many experts believe the trend has yet to peak.

SC Senate tries to find money for crumbling roads
Beaumont Enterprise (SC) – May 4, 2013
South Carolina faces problems, large and small, on its roads.

Buy, Sell, or Hold: Sustainable Transit Edition
Motley Fool – May 6, 2013
Speck joins us for a “Buy, Sell, or Hold” segment on sustainable transit issues such as car sharing, driverless cars, and the Segway, and then explains why market-oriented parking solutions and car-sharing programs are a “buy,” while Google’s (NASDAQ: GOOG ) driverless car is a “sell.”

How Americans’ Taste in Houses Has Evolved Over the Last Century
Atlantic Cities- May 6 , 2013
Would you rather have a newly-built home or a piece of local history?

For Planners, Investment in Social Media Pays Dividends
Planetizen – May 3, 2013
With the right approach, social media can expedite the exchange of information between stakeholders, facilitate participatory planning, and build better places.

Local News

New Franklin subdivisions give residents walkability
Tennessean – May 6, 2013
Forget what you think you know about suburban sprawl

Workshop to examine transportation options
Register-Mail (IL) – May 5, 2013
Galesburg area commuters will have a chance to view transportation in a new light with the Complete Streets Workshop to be held Wednesday in downtown Galesburg.

Communities see safer streets for pedestrians as health benefit
MetroWest Daily News (MA) – May 4, 2013
With a renewed focus on physical activity and exercise, Marlborough, Framingham and Hudson are aiming to make their streets more accommodating to pedestrians and bicyclists.

Transit proposals are game changers
NWI Times (IN) – May 6, 2013
a modernized bus system might provide more flexible and beneficial services.

Enhanced identity is key concern for Pinardville at ‘Planapalooza’
Union Leaders (NH) – May 5, 2013
Pinardville residents and business owners want more civic spaces, an increased tax base and an enhanced identity for their section of town, which means making the neighborhood more walkable and welcoming to others who may come from elsewhere.

Just for Fun

Extreme settlements
Weekend Roady – May 6, 2013
A list of the northernmost, southernmost, easternmost and westernmost cities/towns/villages in all 50 US states.