Smart growth news- May 8, 2012


As Gas Prices Fall, a Sigh of Relief
The Wall Street Journal- May 7, 2012
Gasoline prices fell for the fifth consecutive week, extending a sharp decline that has eased fears that prices would soon top $4 a gallon at the pump.

Whole Foods is coming? Time to buy May 5, 2012
If you ask Whole Foods why it’s breaking ground on a store in Midtown Detroit this month, it’ll say it wants to be part of “an incredible community” and “make natural foods available to everyone.”

The week ahead: Conference to begin on highway bill
The Hill- May 7, 2012
The conference between the House and Senate on a new federal highway bill will begin in earnest this week, as negotiators hold their first meeting Tuesday.

Ranieri Says Housing Market in U.S. Is Reaching Bottom
Bloomberg- April 7, 2012
The U.S. housing market is reaching a bottom, according to Lewis Ranieri, the mortgage-bond pioneer.

Citibank Pays to Put Name on Shared Bikes
The New York Times- May 7, 2012
It will still be months before they are available for rent, and a few days before their precise locations will be revealed. But the 10,000 bicycles in New York’s much anticipated bike-sharing program have a name: Citi Bike.

General Motors, Ford crack top 10 of Fortune 500 list
The Hill- May 7, 2012
Two American car companies landed in the top 10 of Fortune magazine’s annual top 500 public corporations in the United States.


Needed to fix parking blight: Lots of trees
Minn Post- May 7, 2012
It’s been nearly a century since the French architect and planner Le Corbusier envisioned La Ville Contemporaine, a city whose centerpiece was a cluster of 60-story towers set in a lush park. His aim was to clean up urban squalor, give all residents access to green space and make city living more efficient.

White Flint shows how suburbs can support Smart Growth
Greater Greater Washington- May 7, 2012
I grew up in a middle class suburb of New York City that at the time would have been considered an exurb. My parents had left Brooklyn in the early 1970s and demonized the city and quite frankly everything urban.

Building a ‘College Town’
Hartford Business- May 7, 2012
As UConn tries to catapult itself into the ranks of the premier public universities in the country, billions of dollars have been spent over the past decade to develop the school’s infrastructure, academic standing and research capabilities with the hope of trying to attract top students and faculty.

Waiting for the Bus: Detroit Public Transit
The Takeaway- May 4, 2012
How long would you be prepared to wait for a bus? Ten minutes – maybe twenty. Try three hours. Here in Motor City, for the many thousands of people here who don’t have a car, and that’s about a third, getting from A to B is proving almost impossible.

Urban rail plans move forward May 4, 2012
AUSTIN (KXAN) – Austin’s Urban Rail plan continues to move forward, with a June deadline approaching to present specifics of the plan to the Capital Metro Board, CAMPO, and the Austin City Council.

MichCon site cleanup removes ‘barrier between the downtown and the river’ May 6, 2012
A dramatic transformation is in store for the riverfront MichCon site in Ann Arbor if DTE Energy moves ahead with a major cleanup project later this summer.

Urban group wants to help cool down Louisville’s heat island
Courier Journal- May 6, 2012
Louisville native Kriston Glasnovic has been a runner for nearly half of her 32 years, but she still struggles with training in summer heat.