Smart Growth News – November 1, 2013

Millennials’ Failure To Launch Is A Function Of Poor U.S. Housing Policy
Forbes – October 31, 2013
Expensive housing disproportionately hurts Millennials, who carry an average student loan debt of $35,200 and suffer from rampant unemployment and underemployment.

Washington’s Historic Opportunity to Help Low Income Americans
The Huffington Post – October 31, 2013
Even though the deduction is popular, IRS statistics show that only a quarter of filers actually claim it. In addition, the mortgage interest deduction tends to benefit wealthy individuals disproportionately.

Booker Joins Senate Transportation Committee
The Hill – October 31, 2013
Newly-minted Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.) is joining the Senate committee that deals with transportation and commerce issues.


Walkability Factor: New Report Shows Neighborhood Trend
Atlanta INtown – October 31, 2013
A study of Walkable Urban Places, or WalkUPs, in the Atlanta region is being heralded as a “harbinger” for the rest of the country as urban sprawl ends and more pedestrian-friendly communities emerge.

At 50, Vision for Columbia is Still a Work in Progress
The Baltimore Sun – October 30, 2013
“Columbia has not achieved its full potential yet, and it won’t achieve it until there is an alive downtown. … That’s the missing piece.”

Land Use Changes Extend Down the Silver Line
FairfaxTimes (dot) com (VA) – October 31, 2013
The revised plan also increases the amount of planned residential development, as compared to the current land use plan, to have a better balance between office and residential uses, said Clara Quintero Johnson, a county land use planner.

Metuchen Officials Foster Safety Through Complete Streets
The Edison Sentinel (NJ) – October 29, 2013
“People increasingly value walkable, pedestrian-friendly neighborhoods over spread-out suburbs, where you need a car to do anything. Metuchen already has all most of those facets, but there are always improvements that can be made — and a Complete Streets policy will help us get there.”