Smart Growth News – November 14, 2012

Today’s stories:

Governor Patrick details multifamily housing plan
Boston Globe (MA) – November 14, 2012
Governor Deval Patrick detailed a plan Tuesday to produce 10,000 multifamily housing units a year through 2020 in an effort to keep young professionals from leaving Massachusetts. The initiative includes a program called Compact Neighborhoods that will encourage and create housing near workplaces, public transportation, and city and village centers, Patrick said.

LA charges into new territory with express lanes
San Jose Mercury News (CA) – November 10, 2012
It’s familiar fare for much of the country and the world, but new territory for car-crazy Los Angeles County: Freeway lanes that aren’t free.

Md. running out of transportation money, state analysts warn
Washington Examiner – November 13, 2012
Maryland has no money to build new transportation projects and in five years won’t have enough money to maintain its roads and transit, the state’s top budget analyst told lawmakers Tuesday afternoon.

City Looks to Spend $10 million on Pedestrian Projects
Raleigh Public Record (NC) – November 8, 2012
Raleigh’s 1,190 miles of sidewalks aren’t enough. Although the city-ranking website Walk Score ranks Raleigh as the country’s 36th most walkable city, some streets don’t have the sidewalks they need, and many streets are dangerous to cross. The group Transportation for America ranked Raleigh-Cary as the 13th most dangerous metro area for pedestrians in a 2011 study.

Local news:

New Orleans streetcar line to get Super Bowl debut
USA Today – November 12, 2012
With the Super Bowl less than three months away, New Orleans is rushing to lay streetcar tracks through one of its busiest corridors to connect by trolley the Louisiana Superdome and the French Quarter.

Changing attitudes by developers and lenders drive no-parking apartment surge in Portland
The Oregonian – November 10, 2012
There’s been a surge in new apartment construction this year, and many of the proposals are targeted at that Portlandia ideal — ditching the car and walking, biking or taking transit to work.

Calif. bullet train route will be engineering feat
San Jose Mercury News (CA) – November 13, 2012
A bullet train linking Northern and Southern California will be an audacious engineering feat because the line must cross two mountain ranges and a half-dozen earthquake faults, experts said.

Hurricane Sandy causes N.J. to remake its master plan for land development
New Jersey Star-Ledger – November 13, 2012
More than a year in the making, New Jersey’s latest version of a master plan for land development has been sent back to the drawing board in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.

Residential development comes closer to fruition in downtown Ventura
Ventura County Star (CA) – November 13, 2012
Courtyards, functional balconies and underground parking were features envisioned when the Ventura City Council approved the Downtown Specific Plan in 2007.