Smart Growth News – November 15, 2013

Senate Bill Revives Infrastructure Bank Idea
The Hill – November 14, 2013
The infrastructure funding would be used as leverage to lure private sector investments that could reap as much as $300 billion in new transportation projects, according to Warner’s office.

Feds Confirm Traffic Fatalities on the Rise
WNYC (NY) – November 14, 2013
Fatalities among pedestrians increased for the third consecutive year.

How A Free Bus Shuttle Helped Make A Small Town Take Off
NPR – November 13, 2013
In Emeryville, Calif., 10 miles east of San Francisco, the local businesses helped reinvent the city by providing a free shuttle service as a solution to this last mile problem.


Regional Planning Initiative Stopping by Area Today, Saturday
The Niagara Gazette (NY) – November 14, 2013
One Region Forward, a collaborative, community-based regional planning initiative, is asking citizens of the Niagara and Erie counties about the future of the area at a series of interactive “Community Congress” public workshops.

Downtown Cleveland is Walker’s Paradise, Researchers Say
Cleveland Plain Dealer – November 14, 2013
Downtown Cleveland is a “walker’s paradise,” with some of the city’s other neighborhoods also ranking as among the most walkable urban locales in the country.

Resident Supports Complete Streets Policy
NorthJersey (dot) com – November 14, 2013
Studies have also shown that these policies increase property values and economic vitality.

CCDC Walkability Report Calls for Fewer Street Lanes, Two-Way Streets, Slower Speed Limits
Idaho Business Review – November 13, 2013
A walkability analysis commissioned by the Capital City Development Corp. recommends that Boise slow all its downtown streets to 25 miles per hour, continue converting more streets to two-way traffic, and raise the prices for street parking.

Planning, Design Plays Role in Community Walkability
The Abilene Reflector-Chronicle (KS) – November 14, 2013
“A community that is more walkable and has active transportation is more attractive to potential residents and potential businesses.”