Smart Growth News – November 19, 2013

WHAT TO WATCH TODAY — How to fix the Highway Trust Fund
Politico – November 19, 2013
The Highway Trust Fund is “a sinking ship,” a T4 spokesman told MT, and last year’s bill did little or nothing to improve local control over most transportation decisions and dollars.

With Braves Set to Move, a Broader Look at Atlanta
The New York Times – November 17, 2013
The Cobb County site is actually more in line with a new ethos of urbanism that rewards smaller, walkable communities, said Chris Leinberger.

Matching Space to Needs of Firms
The Wall Street Journal – November 17, 2013
Many growing tech firms want office space in older buildings.

Long Commutes are Making Americans More Politically Apathetic
The Washington Post – November 19, 2013
The authors argue that commuting depletes our psychological resources in unique ways.


Pascagoula Has $400,000 in Grants to Help Turn Around Vacant Properties
SunHerald (MS) – November 17, 2013
“You get these properties that just sit vacant, no one will develop them,” she said. “But we’re blocked off on all sides. We need to fill in all these properties around town.”

Baton Rouge ‘Looks Great,’ but Needs Young People With a ‘Nose for Cool,’ Planner Says
The New Orleans Times-Picayune – November 18, 2013
The planner and leader of the “new urbanism” movement was in Baton Rouge on Monday to give the keynote address launching the beginning of the Smart Growth Summit.

Consultant Tells Sarasota County to Strip Most Regulations on Development
The Sarasota Herald-Tribune – November 18, 2013
The professor also said many of the claims in the plan about the negative impacts of New Urbanism and smart growth are “just factually inaccurate.”

Sixth Avenue Corridor Hopes to Go Green
The Des Moines Register (IA) – November 18, 2013
“The objective is that those sustainable elements will benefit the neighborhoods socially, economically, environmentally and in terms of public health.”

The Kojo Nnamdi Show – The Politics Hour
WAMU (DC) – November 15, 2013
Smart Growth America’s Chris Zimmerman talks smart growth and equality, among other topics.

Letter: Let’s Make Streets Safer for Pedestrians, Bicyclists
The Buffalo News – November 14, 2013
As Buffalo continues its re-emergence as a regional leader, we should make sure to live up to our promise to be a city of good neighbors and protect our citizens.