Smart Growth News – November 20, 2013

Utah a Model for New Federal Transportation Lobbying
The Salt Lake Tribune – November 19, 2013
Transportation leaders from around the country launched an effort Tuesday to persuade Congress to raise an extra $30 billion a year for highways and mass transit — and said a partial model for their lobbying is how Utah leaders have been building support for transportation funding in the Beehive State.

Shuster Shuffles House Transit Committee Staff
The Hill – November 19, 2013
House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee Chairman Rep. Bill Shuster (R-Pa.) is shuffling the staff of the panel’s Highways and Transit subcommittee.


Ranson Shares Successes and Future Plans
The Shepherdstown Chronicle (WV) – November 18, 2013
Blake explained that the city has been the recipient of three EOA Hazardous Brownfields Assessment grants and has aggressively pursued grant funding and implementation of smart growth development strategies.

Housing, Commuting Top Topics from Sustainable Communities Initiative in Jackson County
SunHerald (MS) – November 19, 2013
Jackson County supervisors heard the Gulf Regional Planning Commission’s presentation Monday on sustainable communities and expressed a particular interest in ideas to help workers commute to their jobs.

Annexation Plan Key for Smart Growth
San Antonio Express-News (TX) – November 19, 2013
This could serve as a roadmap for managed growth, outlining what must be done before the city annexes an area with 100 or more homes.

Sustainable Communities to Expand in Little Rock
THV 11 (AR) – November 19, 2013
Four federal agencies visited Little Rock on Tuesday to discuss how the city is using the Obama Administration’s Partnership for Sustainable Communities to improve the downtown area.

Route 195 Redevelopment Panel Discusses Rules for Land Use
Providence Journal (RI) – November 18, 2013
City and state leaders hope medical researchers and related companies and institutions of higher education will build on about 19 acres of former highway land, creating high-paying jobs that help turn around Rhode Island’s economy. Additionally, they hope residential and commercial uses will help draw more people into the city’s center.

Mixed Retail, Living Spaces Growing in South Mississippi Downtowns
SunHerald (MS) – November 19, 2013
These developments that are already available in some Coast cities are seeing more signed leases and fewer vacancy signs.

Downtown Planner Urges “Pink Zones” Instead of Red Tape
The Advocate (LA) – November 19, 2013
Andres Duany said in order to continue downtown development, the city needs to lower the regulatory threshold so recent college graduates can open up businesses in the area and think about what necessities aging baby boomers need for their day-to-day life.

Montgomery Council Tentatively Approves Plan to Study Network of Bus-Only Lanes
The Washington Post – November 19, 2013
Council member Hans Riemer (D-At Large) favored extension to Friendship Heights, in anticipation of eventually linking up with a District BRT line.

S.J. Light-rail Plan Draws Backers and Foes
The Philadelphia Inquirer – November 20, 2013
“Woodbury needs a shot in the arm,” he said. “I think it would do a lot for the tax base and the foot traffic for businesses.”