Smart Growth News – November 21, 2013

Earl Blumenauer’s ‘Bike-partisanship’
Politico – November 21, 2013
As with other transportation bills this year both big and small, Blumenauer hopes that a good bipartisan showing will help his measure cut through Congress’s usual legislative gridlock and partisan warfare.


Local, State Officials Cheer Benefits of Transit-oriented Development
NJBiz (dot) com – November 20, 2013
Gallagher and borough director of economic development Colin Driver said a 10-year process to redevelop Somerville as a transit hub has seen hundreds of millions in investment, a rise in downtown property values and increased interest from the development community.

BR-New Orleans Rail Service Study Due by Year’s End
The Advocate (LA) – November 20, 2013
New Orleans Councilwoman Kristin Gisleson Palmer, also a panelist in the discussion, said by improving the transportation system, it will provide an economic boost to people in Baton Rouge and New Orleans.

San Diego: Resiliency Central?
San Diego Union-Tribune – November 20, 2013
“Most cities have one big threat – a severe storm in New York, a flood in New Orleans, an earthquake in San Francisco. We must deal with many threats all at once and figure out how to increase our resiliency on all of them.”

Cincinnati Public Transit Must Expand
Cincinnati (dot) com – November 20, 2013
Our elected officials and business leaders should realize the lack of transit options doesn’t just hurt the people who depend on it to get around; in the end, it hurts the entire region as we compete against cities with better transportation systems.

Pa. House OKs Transportation Bill it Rejected a Day Earlier
The Philadelphia Inquirer – November 21, 2013
The proposal – one of Gov. Corbett’s top agenda initiatives – would increase gas taxes and motor vehicle license fees to raise $1.65 billion needed to repair aging bridges and roads and about $475 million for cash-strapped mass-transit systems.

Young and Old Want Urban Living, According to Smart Growth Group
Lewiston-Auburn Sun-Journal (ME) – November 20, 2013
“We are coming out of a recession and I think GrowSmart Maine can remind elected officials and businesspeople alike that the world has changed.”