Smart Growth News – November 22, 2013

The Future of Cities, as Gabe Klein Sees It
Chicago Magazine – November 21, 2013
“[If] we are smart about our growth, we lure more companies to the city, and have more people live, work and play in place in the city, I think Chicago will be very successful.”


Planning Urged to Prepare for LA’s Chemical Boom
The Advocate (LA) – November 21, 2013
“We know that Louisiana is full of unique places,” Thomas said. “We want to preserve the communities that we already have and what sets us apart.”

Building a Walkable Suburban Neighborhood
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution – November 21, 2013
Walton Communities shares the dedication of the Atlanta Regional Commission to developing communities that will positively impact residents and communities while ensuring long term sustainability.

Downtown Group Receives 75,000 Grant for Douglas Railroad Underpass
The Wichita Eagle (KS) – November 21, 2013
Grant money will jump-start plans to renovate the dingy walking paths under the Douglas Avenue railroad bridge, a central spot for walkers headed to Old Town or Intrust Bank Arena.

Eugene Growth Trends
Eugene Weekly (OR)- November 21, 2013
The smart growth formula was intended to mitigate many of the impacts of intensified urban development by providing added amenities and infrastructure to support a high quality of life and to maintain neighborhood integrity and sense of community.

Hundreds Expected at Smart Growth Summit
Huntington Patch (NY) – November 22, 2013
On the agenda are such issues as rebuilding after Superstorm Sandy, transportation, tech development, tourism and smart growth.